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Male walruses of Round Island

Summer with the Walruses of Round Island

Explore.org and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game present an all-new series of live cameras from the beaches and cliffs of Round Island, the premier summer vacation spot for thousands of pacific walruses.

Each year, while female walruses and their young pups follow the receding ice north, the males “haul-out” to laze around the warmer beaches of Alaska’s Bristol Bay. It’s basically a pinniped bachelor pad of belching and fighting. These guys might not be pretty, but you won’t look away: Round Island is so remote and difficult to access that our live cams offer otherwise unseen warts-and-all walrus action.

The 160 meter-wide island was scheduled to be closed this year due to budget constraints but a grant from explore.org founder Charlie Annenberg provided enough resources to keep the habitat open for visitors and away from the disturbances of planes and danger of possible poachers.

The cams look out over Main Beach, where walrus-bros have been gathered en masse since April, and First Beach, a favorite sleeping and chiming spot from early June on. From the cliffs high above, spot foxes, ravens, and nesting seabirds while catching breathtaking views of the waters and sunsets of Bristol Bay. Spend your summer relaxing, clamming, and beaching from Alaska’s Animal House!

EXPLORE The Complete – Walrus Live Camera Experience