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Stopping to smell the seals.

Slow and Steady Gets the Seals (Hopefully)

It’s time again to check in again with Aurora the polar bear and her cubs to see if they have been up to anything new and exciting since their last update.

Surprise: they haven’t.

This is not to discount what they have been doing, because anything a polar bear does is pretty cool! But this family continues to do the same thing that they’ve been doing for the last couple months: move slowly in a NE direction. We shouldn’t complain, though, because this may be an indication that this family has found a pretty great spot for hunting seals- every polar bear’s dream!

In the last couple weeks, Aurora and her cubs have moved 17 km (just over 10 miles) as the crow flies. As mentioned previously, we are only seeing one location a week so it is possible that this family is moving around a lot, but only within a small area.

Aurora remains the most easterly of the Western Hudson Bay polar bears on PBI’s Bear Tracker, and has stayed well within the Southern Hudson Bay polar bear population boundary for most of the winter. It would be interesting to know if her mom brought her this way in the past, or if this is new territory for Aurora. She must enjoy exploring, and hopefully her cubs do too!