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Dr. Steve Kress joins us for a chat

Live Chat Wednesday: Project Puffin’s Steve Kress puts on his Hummingbird Hat

Project Puffin founder and director Dr. Stephen Kress joins us for a live chat Wednesday, March 4th at 4pm ET / 1pm PT at the Bella Hummingbird Nest Cam. While known as an expert in seabird restoration, Dr. Kress will answer all of your hummingbird questions in light of the drama unfolding at Bella’s Nest.

Bella’s nest faced an intruder named Rosie who may have some relationship with Bella. Rosie interfered with the feeding of Bella’s two chicks, so a decision was made to remove the nest from the tree and feed the chicks by hand. Rosie then laid two eggs in her own nest. Was she forcing away competition? Ask Dr. Steve this Wednesday! Simply post your questions in the comments section below the player and refresh your browser to join. See you then!

Dr. Kress founded Project Puffin over 40 years ago in an effort to restore puffins to historic nesting islands in the Gulf of Maine using innovative methods like decoys, mirrors, and recordings to attract birds to suitable nesting sites. Its successes have made it a model around the world. Steve’s also a prolific author, publishing several books with expert tips for creating bird-friendly habitats in your own backyard.

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