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SDP’s Mischa Expecting This Week!

By CamOpGeorgiaGolden

Have you ever watched the birth of a future service dog? If not, now is your chance! Mischa, a lovely harlequin Great Dane is about to have her second litter of future service dogs.

Photo by Romanman65

Photo by Romanman65

Her estimated delivery date is sometime this week and she might have as many as 11 puppies. Please join us as we watch the Service Dog Project Nursery camera and practice our “wait, wait, wait!

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  • Judy Atkins

    Mischa and puppies are well taken care of. I watch the nursery all the time
    Day and night…..The volunteers are amazing, some more than others.. I am
    Enjoying this very much watching the puppies grow and develop. I can’t wait to see their eyes open. Thank you very much for the privilege of watching.
    Judy Atkins, Sarnia, Ont. Canada.

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