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Snapshot by CamOp MG

Snapshot by CamOp MG

Puffin Live Chat 8/3

Join us on August 3rd at 4:30 pm ET / 1:30 pm PT for a live chat with Steve Kress! Ever wanted to know why puffins only eat certain types of fish or how fast they can fly? If so, make sure to tune in on Thursday to learn more from puffin expert, Steve Kress.

Got any pressing puffin questions? Well now is your chance to find out! Submit your questions for Steve Kress and he will make sure to get through as many as he can!

When we go live, you can watch here!

  • MamaDenise

    Thank you.

  • MamaDenise

    I was wondering if Conrad’s burrow rocks had shifted over this past winter and was this common on the Island. I have observed that the puffins themselves had dug the entrances out a bit. How stable are the burrow rocks and is it a problem for the reachers as they walk around?

  • MamaDenise

    Can you tell us briefly about the original “Conrad” who this years puffing is named? I have just been curious.

  • MamaDenise

    Do you have an official release of the stats for Conrad and maybe even some pictures?

  • Johanna Wolski

    When Conrad leaves Seal Island, will he be alone or will there be other Puffins in a group swimming with him?
    How do the Puffins get access to non- ocean water or does the fish diet provide needed water?

  • Jeank

    How far out to sea will Conrad and friends go? So small to navigate high seas.

  • Puffinmuffin

    How will the process go? How will the parents get Conrad to leave the burrow and fly to sea?

  • Suzanne

    What adaptation does a puffling have to remove salt from the fish since the adults have the full beak?

  • AMa.


  • Puffinmuffin

    I saw some head jerking on the loafing ledge. Is this body language meaning they are ready to depart? I saw that in an ebook regarding horned puffins.

  • Noahsark

    Do they have the same banding system for puffins on Machias Seal Island. Do they have researchers there that keep track of the banded puffins? If puffins from Project Puffin shows up at Machias, do they share the info with you and vice versa?

  • lovelabsandpuffins

    has there been any sighting of Hope from 2013 band # FM89 BBL 1135-03990?

  • Laura Oremland

    Do parents recognize and/or interact with their grown up babies, if the young return to nest in the same area?

  • Wilbur Veen

    Has any one seen Finn and Phoebe?

  • Kevin King

    I thought there was a Live Chat today at 4:30 ET!

  • ILB

    I wanted to know if you had a chance to weigh the Guillemot chicks. How is the weight of the smaller one in comparison to the older one, as it appears there is a possibility both may fledge this year?

  • Kevin King

    Must not have started yet

  • leese45

    do they need to be at a certain height to take flight?. thank you!

  • London Ruff

    What causes the puffins beaks to be such vibrant colors? Also when do pufflings begin to develop the colors? :)

  • Rebecca Esch

    Hi Steve – I spent 2 weeks on Seal Island this past June (and last June) and was there for the tern census. Why do you think there was such a dramatic drop-off in the number of arctic and common terns on the island this year?

  • Piggies1013

    How far is the puffin cam burrow from the ocean? Will it be difficult for the puffling to navigate the rocks? Is it common for Puffins to be caught by commercial fishermen as by-catch?

  • Defab_Isle of May

    Bit of a sad question perhaps, but I saw a documentary on plastic in the oceans and was very concerned. Do we puffin fans have to fear any plastic getting into the puffins’ food chain as well? Or are the areas where they live relatively clear from floating micro plastics and all that? I hope they are fine. Thanks for the chat.

  • Theveens

    Have banded birds been seen on SI?

  • Barbara L Druga

    Will puffins be able to adapt to the changing environment and warmer waters?

  • birdwatcher

    Are the puffins that we see on the rocks adult puffins?

  • MamaDenise

    How does the Camera Light affect the Puffins at night. How does the puffin eye work?

  • Kevin King

    Do you have to travel alot in the U.S. in your job?

  • Christine

    I know that Puffins are actually on the menu in some restaurants in iceland, apparently many tourists enjoy it. I wonder if there would be any way to stop this practice seeing as puffins are becoming extinct?

  • Xan Xan