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Puffin Live Chat (6/19)

Join us tomorrow, Tuesday June 19th, at 1 pm PT/ 4 pm ET for a special live chat with Project Puffin!  Keenan Yakola will join us to talk about  puffin and other seabird colonies on Seal Island and how Project Puffin aims to continue growing the species population.

Make sure to submit your questions below and you can watch the live chat on the Puffin Loafing Ledge cam!

  • Defab_Isle of May

    Hello Keenan, I’d like to know whether there are nesting Razorbills at Seal Island and if so, how many pairs. I’ve seen so many on the LL cam this year!

  • Skylark

    Hi Keenan. How many Puffin nesting pairs are there on Seal Island? I will be on a birding field trip on Poplar Island in Talbot County Maryland tomorrow and won’t be able to join in on your chat session.

  • Ivernian Eye

    Hi Keenan. Thanks for doing this. I’m rather a puffin novice. Can you talk about where did these puffins on Seal Island come from? And how much longer will they be on the island? And then, where do they go after they leave? Thanks!

  • Ivernian Eye

    Keenan, one other question, please…. what connection are these puffins and the ones who are currently on the Shetland Islands? Are they the exact same breed? Do those puffins keep to Europe, and the Seal Island puffins keep to the Americas, or do they cross the Atlantic? Thanks!

  • spangles34

    Hi Keenan, have you noticed any hatched pufflings yet?

  • Brenda

    Two years ago there were a different pair of puffins using this nest. Are they back in a different nest? Are the nests first come? And if the babies return to nest after 3 years does that mean new nests are being built to accommodate the growing population or is survival rate so low the amount of nests remain steady?

  • Susan

    Do Willie and Billie mate fit life? How do they know to come back to their nest (is it from last year or the same location each time?)
    Would Conrad come back to the Loafing ledge to start a family?
    (I am a novice and they are so beautiful and the Pufflings are so funny and adorable!)
    Are there any other nest cams?
    I cannot wait for the Puffling to hatch!

  • Arizona Ranger

    I wish the chat was at high noon

    • Texas Red

      That could be arranged…

  • Piggies1013

    GM Keenan and thank you for this live chat. Q. What kinds of fish are the Puffins bringing in for their pufflings so far this season? Assuming any have hatched so far.
    Thank you

  • Puffinmuffin

    Has there been any sighting of Conrad?

  • cd3k

    In your sightings of Pal, does his behaviour suggest a prospective partner or any burrow prospecting?

  • planetaryexile

    What other species besides the puffins are nesting at this location? I’ve seen razorbills, a common murre, and of course all those terns!

  • SoCalMom

    I’m sorry if i missed the answer, but how long do you live on the island with them? Is it just during nesting times? Thank you for all you do!

  • planetaryexile

    Any other types of terns besides arctic and common?

  • cathy

    i often see water fowl in my area with fishing line caught on their legs, and some missing a leg. if i can’t rescue the ones with line i notice after a few weeks the tight line amputates their foot. line was seen in nests by several eagle cams this season. since puffins eat fish could fishing line be causing some amputations and is fishing line and hooks a problem for puffins