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Project Puffin Live Chat (7/5)

Join us on Thursday, July 5th, at 1 pm PT/ 4pm ET for a live chat with Project Puffin!

We will be going live from Seal Island, Maine with Project Puffin Founder and Director, Dr. Steve Kress, and Researcher Keenan Yakola. They will be discussing the newly hatched guillemot and puffin chicks!

Submit your questions below! You can watch the live chat here!

  • alma

    i thought i heard an eastern phoebe’s call on the Seal Island webcam. is there a sea bird with a similar call? is there a bird list for Seal Is.? how many of our mainland birds visit the island? thank you!

  • PD

    From the National Audubon Society FB page:

    How long does a puffin live?

    What is the estimated amount of pufflings on the island right now? Is this high or low compared to previous years?

    Do puffins migrate away from there after young have fledged?

    How many babies can a puffin have?

    (Also getting a lot of noise and interference from wind)

  • PD

    From NAS Facebook page:

    How can you tell a male puffin from a female puffin?

  • Cate from Canada, ‘eh

    Do the parents mate for life?
    Do they return to the same nest/burrow annually?