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OFSDS Weekly Update (6/29)

CRAZY WEEK at OFSDS.  Lots of construction and visitors.  The dogs’ routines were definitely impacted and most had to spend a lot of time indoors.

The contractors made a lot of noise and messes this week as they cut through the concrete block wall in Little Dog Village to make the openings for the new window  and door that will open from the current Little Dog Village out to a yard which will access one of the large yards at the upper back of our property.  Little Dog Village has been divided in half for the last couple of days so the dogs would be out of the way of the workers.  What a difference some light makes in LDV.

On Wednesday a whole lot of volunteers from Rescue Rebuild showed up bright and early to begin painting our building and staining our fencing.  Rescue Rebuild was working for Miranda Lambert’s non-profit MuttNation to do this work for us.  That’s why the building was pressure washed last week in preparation for the painting.  There are some pictures on our Facebook page.  The old tan color has been replaced with an attractive shade of yellow/gold with some attractive blue/green trim around the doors and windows.  Miranda was there on Wednesday and helped paint the wall where the doors are to the outside yard.  A HUGE thanks to Miranda and MuttNation for giving our building a new, fresh look.

The base for our commercial washer was installed on Thursday.  My laundry volunteers can’t wait for the new washer and dryer to be up and running.   We are drowning in dirty laundry.

Once work is completed for the door and window in the current Little Dog Village our next project will be putting a permanent roof over the patio area where the 4 wooden pens are.  A permanent roof will make that area much more usable year round.   At the same time the contractor will be building a covered pavilion in another of the large yards up and behind our building giving us yet another area that can be used year round.

So much for the building….and on to the dogs.

To a Forever Foster home

  • Bean went to a foster home that already has several Old Friends.  His fosters report that Bean is settling in well.  He has major health issues but is with a foster family who will give him the love and attention he needs.

Medical Update

  • Hunter visited the vet and left with a diagnosis of an enlarged heart, collapsed trachea, and a badly inflamed respiratory tract.
  • Dash had both eyes removed this week and is recovering well.  A visit to the vet confirmed that his loss of vision was a result of glaucoma which is a painful condition.  He looks a little rough after having both eyes removed but definitely feels better now that they are gone.
  • Lucy is wearing a soft version of an e-collar because she has a nasty hot spot.

Everyone in Reception had another good week.  They were lucky to be removed from most of the construction action.

Surprise of the week:  New intake Smudge is actually a girl, not a boy as we initially thought.  A hernia and a mammary tumor confused us.  She will be scheduled for surgery soon.

And for a final note……Paris was not locked in the greenhouse on Friday.

-Sally and the OFSDS Gang

  • Brenda Lane

    thank you for update and your time to put it together

  • Bones

    Thanks … so the mystery of Paris lives on – where was the lady – lol. Thanks on the update on Lucy – was wondering about her collar. Health & healing to Hunter baby.

  • hooked (sue)

    Thanks Sally. I so appreciate you’re updates on all of the doggies. LOL Nice to hear that Paris wasn’t locked in the greenhouse;-)

  • Dapper Dan Kelly

    Sally, Always look forward to your updates. Thank you. Take Care

  • Puffinette

    Get well hugs to little Dash!!!

  • Maewood Hamlin

    Dash get well sweet baby! Prayers for you little one. I sure do miss seeing you! Thanks for the update! Too many gone to soon to the rainbow bridge!

  • S.E.W.

    So very sad to hear about Leo passing away. I loved watching that boy, his haircuts and so handsome. I wish we could have them forever. Thanks for loving and taking care of that sweet baby. Give love to sweet Hazel. I miss her too. Hugging my puppies closer today.

  • blu

    Dash get better soon it will be all right you are still with the ones who love you