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polar bear in snow

Curl up with a good bear.

Polar Bear Digs a Snowy Day Bed

Polar bears gather on the shores of Hudson Bay near Churchill, Manitoba each year anticipating the sea ice to form so they can hunt seals. While waiting, they hunker down in day beds dug out of snow to rest and save energy for hunting.

Alysa McCall of Polar Bears International says, “Polar bears like being cozy too! Just like many animal species, polar bears will sometimes make themselves a day bed: a temporary place to lay their head and rest. In the summer, polar bears can make their beds in the sand, grass, or kelp, but in the winter they can make a snow bed!┬áIn this highlight video clip, the polar bear walked a short distance from a Tundra Buggy, then dug himself the perfect-sized spot to sleep for the day.”

It may seem a cold way to take a nap, but polar bears have a thick layer of fat to insulate themselves and store energy. Check out the clip below, it’s freezing adorable!

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