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Panda Toddlers’ Lesson #451: How to Use the Tire Swing

Explore.org and Panda Toddler Cam fan, Lee Morris, sent us this great series of a Panda toddler in Bifengxia Panda Reserve, China. Giant Pandas are playful especially as toddlers learning the ropes.

“Cubs begin to crawl at 10 weeks of age, and by 21 weeks these baby bears are able to walk with some confidence. They nurse until about 18 months of age, but will begin to eat bamboo at about 7 to 9 months… Pandas have a pseudo thumb of sorts. This extra digit is actually not a thumb but a flap of skin covering the animal’s wrist bone. These thumbs help the panda grasp bamboo sticks,” (live science) – or rope swings!

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