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The Penguin Chick Is Here!

Congratulations to Floyd and Roxy on their recently hatched Penguin Chick! S/he cracked just about two days ago and as parents take turns keeping the little one warm, you can catch of glimpse of the chick on the Live Cam. We’re all so excited!

The Aquarium of the Pacific is home to more than a dozen Magellanic Penguins, which are native to the coasts of Chile and Argentina in South America. The Aquarium’s colony will be tending to their nests and preparing to lay eggs throughout this spring and into summer.

The chicks hatch with their eyes closed, and they are able to open their eyes about a week later. Magellanic Penguin parents take turns incubating the eggs on the nest and feeding and raising the chicks after they hatch. The chicks fledge, or replace their downy newborn feathers with water-tight adult feathers, after about 90 days.

(Thanks zpdoda for the great capture!)