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panda cubs play fighting

"I give, I give! JK, rawr!"

Panda Cub Play Fight Packs an Adorable Punch

Move over baby elephants, panda cubs have jumped into the ring to contend for Earth’s cutest creature. The Toddler Cam at Bifengxia Panda Center in Sichuan China is basically a romper room of young panda cubs ranging from 8 months to 2 years of age, and the below clip catches two of them in the midst of an epic play battle.

Young ones Hua Yang and Hua Ni were spotted on our Panda Toddler Cam over the weekend rumbling for close to an hour. When these and other panda cubs play they may grab, push, claw, roll in a ball, somersault and swat with their forearms and hind limbs. Play fighting is in slow motion, without the intensity of a real brawl. Panda cubs may play fight to reinforce relationships and practice abilities. But sometimes it’s just for fun. Catch all the full-nelsons from these half-pint pandas below:

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