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Osprey expert Dr. Paul Spitzer

Osprey Live Chat Highlight with Expert Paul Spitzer

We recently celebrated the hatching of Hog Island Osprey Rachel’s first chick with a live chat from raptor expert Dr. Paul Spitzer. If you missed the chat, or would like to listen again, we have it right here in full!

Dr. Spitzer is a conservation biologist who earned his doctorate at Cornell University. When Rachel Carson (after whom osprey Rachel is named) provided evidence of the harmful effects of the pesticide DDT on osprey and other bird populations, Spitzer advocated for its ban. And for the past 40 years he has participated in the triumphant osprey recovery. Listen to the audio-only live chat in full below:

And head over to the Osprey Cam as we expect the next chicks to hatch any day now!

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