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Atlantic Puffins by Derrick Z. Jackson

A Quick Guide to Atlantic Puffin Eggs

Welcome to our series of posts detailing the different eggs of Seal Island. Seal Island is one of Project Puffin’s research islands, and home to the explore.org Puffin, Arctic Tern, and Guillemot Cams. Seal Island Supervisor Keenan Yakola teaches us about Atlantic Puffin eggs.

“Thanks to the Burrow Cam we are all quite familiar with both the Puffin and their stunning pure white eggs. This species’ eggs are slightly larger than your typical chicken egg and will sometimes show a weak chocolate colored spotting. On Seal Island Atlantic Puffins generally lay their eggs at the beginning of the May.

Atlantic Puffin Egg

Atlantic Puffin Egg

Our Puffins tend to select burrows deep under the boulder berms that surround the island and most pairs will use the same burrow year after year, just like Finn and Phoebe. Puffins almost always lay one egg per clutch, with two eggs being an extremely rare case. Their eggs will take around 40 days to hatch into the little fluff balls that we have come to know and love.”

Thanks Keenan! And check back soon for info on Razorbill, Guillemot, and Tern eggs. And catch the puffin parental pair Finn and Phoebe care for their egg live from the Puffin Burrow.

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