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OFSDS Weekly Update (8/3)

Our new commercial washer and dryer are operational.  My goodness….what a change in volunteer life at OFSDS.  The question is no longer “where do we put all of the filthy laundry” but is now “where can we find places to put all of the clean laundry”.  Guess that’s a very good change.

No more big black bags of stinkiness to lug home ☺
To Forever Foster Homes
  • Howard whose 2nd weekend sleepover turned into a “he’s not going anywhere” event.   His foster mom Brooke continues to be amazed at how seamlessly Howard has fit in with her 3 dogs.
  • Sonnie, our blind beagle, went home with the father of a staff person and Sonnie has also settled in to his new home well.
  • Gretel and Sami went to the same home and will be part of a large dog family that includes 3 other Old Friends whose names used to be Pierce, Ajax and Veronica..  We’re waiting for our first report.
New Arrivals to OFSDS
  • Suzie- a black lab mix
  • Sally – a Min Pin

Both Suzie and Sally are still in Intake.

Update on Peanut
  • X-rays showed some obvious irregularities in his abdomen area but no one was sure what they were.  Peanut continues to hang out in Reception while we figure out what we will do.
That’s it for this week.
-Sally and the OFSDS Gang