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OFSDS Weekly Update (7/13)

Construction work stalled this week in Little Dog Village. We’re all looking for the conclusion of this project, especially the dogs.  The electrician finished some wiring on the commercial dryer.  This coming week will see major upheaval at the Gardens as the plumbers will begin major work on our water line so it can accommodate our commercial washer.  For the better part of this coming week a large part of our building will be without water….like the bathroom and the laundry area.  We’re all hoping this work moves along smoothly and quickly!!!!

Forever Foster confirmed for Freckles with our own Megan as his Forever Foster.  Way to go Freckles!
  • Trixie moved from Reception to Big Dog Hall
  • Ricky and Bobby moved from Little Dog Village to Reception
  • Sharky and Bagel are now eating and sleeping in Big Dog Hall
Over the Rainbow Bridge
  • Tess who went with Veronica and Ajax to the same foster home a few months ago
  • Sweet PJ’s body finally gave out and the vet confirmed that there was nothing that we could do so she was helped across the Bridge.  She was the last of our original group of dementia dogs which included so many of our Explore family favorites.
  • Zina and Michael lost 2 more of their Home Gang….Diamond and Layla.
Not much more to add….
-Sally and the OFSDS Gang