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OFSDS Weekly Update (11/23)

This has been a holiday week for most folks but at OFSDS there are no holidays.  We are staffed 365 days a year.
New to the Gardens
  • Gatsby – large black dog
  • Gidget – brown chi
  • Caroline – grey cockapoo
  • Lil – chihuahua
Medical Updates
  • Mousse had a good week and is holding his own
  • Tillie is hanging out in Reception after overexertion.caused her distress
  • Toy continues to hang out in Medical as recovers from foot and anal surgery
  • Peanut spent a little R&R in Reception
  • Zury and Bo are spending time in Reception
  • Lily and Spencer have returned to the GR/Small Dog Hall
Until next week…..
Sally and the OFSDS Gang
  • Rita Radtke

    I hope I am asking about the right dog (Freida)–Is she ok? I think this is the same dog that I haven’t seen in the gathering room in a while. Or could it be another that looks similar to her–she usually lays in front of the couch near the cages/kennels.
    Photo attached.

    • readingdoggreen

      I’m not sure who you mean; we had a Freida but she went to a home over a year ago & was a smaller dog. Paxton came home with me.

      • Rita Radtke

        Thank you for the reply–perhaps it was Paxton as the dogs looked very similar. The one I was asking about has only been missing from the gathering room for about 2 weeks or so.

  • Denise Fullford

    Can you advise on what is wrong with Mousse

  • Dapper Dan Kelly

    Sally, Thank you for the update. Take Care

  • disqus_LXmfkUF4Y5

    thank you for update. i am so glad i found this site. God bless you for what you do