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OFSDS Weekly Update (11/16)

CORRECTION TO LAST WEEK’S UPDATE:  Nana is not a dog at OFSDS.  Should have been Lana,

New to OFSDS

  • Houston – a somewhat similar but smaller and blind version of Marco
  • Bella – tan poodle
  • Flora –  smaller tan poodle
To Forever Fosters
  • Ralphie
  • Big Al
  • Sassy & Cowboy
  • Paxton
  • Duncan – confirmed surgery to remove his eyes and a neuter and is in his Forever Foster home
  • Peppermint Patty – she gave us a scare last Sunday but is with me and doing well.
  • Bonnie’s long sleepover has officially been updated to her Forever Foster home
Medical Updates
  • Spencer and Lily continue to hang out in Reception
  • Toy and Charlie Brown continue to hang out in Medical
  • Martha alternates between Reception and Medical
A Happy Thanksgiving to all of our USA followers.  Let the holiday season begin.
Until next week…….
Sally and the OFSDS Gang
  • Dapper Dan Kelly

    Thank you for the update. Happy Thanksgiving. Take Care

  • Rita Radtke

    Where is Freida?–I haven’t seen her in the last few days.She usually lays in
    the same spot in front of the couch in a bed not too far from the door.

  • Puffinette

    Yay on Sally!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of the OF peeps. And Sally, please give Peppermint Patty a big kiss from me!!!

  • blu

    HOPE EVERYONE HAD AN EXTRA GOODY FOR THANKSGIVING Glad everyone looks happy this thanksgiving all 4, 3 and 2 legged wonders