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Snapshot by Syd-9

Snapshot by Syd-9

OFSDS Weekly Update (10/5)

This past week has seen almost record high temperatures for the first week of October….high 80s…and temps in the 80s will continue through the first half of this coming week.

An OFSDS green awning was installed over the new window and door out of BDH.  It will keep  direct sun away from the window and give some protection from rain.

New to The Gardens
  • Pig Pen – a white fluff ball
  • Gordon – a chi rat terrier mix
Across the Rainbow Bridge
  • Vandy –  one of our loners – heartworm positive and recently found to have cancer that had metastasized
Medical Updates
  • Peppermint Patty is still hanging out in Reception but is now considered hospice.  She came to us with a mammary tumor which has metastasized.  For the time being she is doing OK.
  • Trixie continues to recover nicely from her recent surgery
  • The Reception crew had an uneventful week which for a number of them is a good thing.
Until a cooler next week….
Sally and the OFSDS Gang
  • Dapper Dan Kelly

    Sally, Thank you for the updates. Appreciate the hard work and time of the OFSDS staff. Take Care

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