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polar bear


Name the Polar Bear!

Explore.org has teamed up with Polar Bears International to track a mother polar bear currently named X35591. We’re asking you the viewers to make a catchier, more memorable name for her!

Every fall, polar bear scientists travel to Wapusk National Park in Manitoba, Canada, to monitor the western Hudson Bay polar bear population. Scientists will take measurement on the number of bears they see and catch, the weight and size of the bears, and how many cubs are around. Some females get outfitted with GPS collars so researchers can track them throughout the year. The information gathered creates a snapshot into the lives of a polar bear out on the sea ice.

This November, a female with two young cubs was collared and given the number X35591. Sure, it’s not the most exciting name ever, but one that scientists will use to track her with throughout her life. If the bear is ever recaptured, researchers will have a history on her and the cubs she produces. This year, however, it won’t just be scientists doing the polar bear tracking! Polar Bears International and explore.org will monitor X35591 throughout the year and give you updates on what she and her cubs are up to. So she’s going to need a better name! Simply post your nickname ideas in the comments section of this blog, and next we’ll have an open vote to choose the winner!


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