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Toby in the Arctic Kitchen

Toby in the Arctic Kitchen

Meet Toby: Tundra Buggy Lodge Cook

Toby Lacey has a critical job on the tundra: he makes sure the people on the Tundra Buggy Lodge are kept full of good food, and that’s no small feat!

Toby lives on Frontiers North Adventure’s Tundra Buggy Lodge for 50 days straight every fall. The Lodge is parked in the middle of the tundra, high off the ground and with no civilization in sight. He cooks in his kitchen, 18 feet long by 12 feet wide, with one oven and four burners for up to 62 people at a time.

His favorite part of the job is to see polar bears up close every day and to hear about his guests’ experiences with the bears. The hardest part for him is that his feet do not touch earth even once, and he can’t really even walk North-South, for almost two months!

The work is hard but it’s rewarding and one of a kind. When he isn’t in Churchill he is a rafting guide in Jasper, Alberta: another beautiful landscape, but with different types of bears!

Stay tuned as the Polar Bear Live Cam goes live any day now. Catch up on all the preparations in Churchill here.

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