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emma polar bear lodge keeper

Emma performing at the lodge.

Meet Emma, Keeper of the Lodge

Emma Acorn is a key player in making sure that bear season is a blast for many visitors. She is in charge of keeping the Tundra Buggy Lodge spic and span, plus she bakes some fantastic desserts!

Emma’s favorite part of her job is seeing the polar bears, especially when they follow her movements up and down the lodge and get right up close to her feet under the grates between the lodge cars. The bears must smell those yummy kitchen goodies on her shoes! She also appreciates that many of the guests are fellow nature and animal lovers.

The hardest part for Emma is simply sleep deprivation; they are up at 5:30 AM every day and there’s no relaxing until late at night. Few naps and no days off for the crew on this lodge when the season is underway.

Emma works at Parks Canada as an interpreter in Jasper, Alberta, at other times of the year, and is a singer-songwriter.

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