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Paws make a wonderful pillow.

Let Sleeping Polar Bears Lie (Video)

Explore’s Polar Bear Cams give us a window into the real lives of polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba. It’s just that 8 hours a day of those lives are spent sleeping. And then there are the extended naps and stretching. The video clips captured by the live cameras may not bring moment to moment thrills, but they’re exceedingly intimate and fascinating nonetheless.

Polar bears nap whenever, wherever; being sedentary helps to conserve energy. In the late fall before seal hunting season begins the animals are still living off fat reserves; saving energy is a survival technique.

In this inaction-packed video highlight, the camera is so close and clear you can see the polar bear shutting its eyes. Join in for a lie down and a stretch, enjoy a few moments of just “being” by watching the clip below:

EXPLORE the Complete – Polar Bear Live Camera Experience