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polar bear and tundra buggy

Photo Credit: Valerie Abbott - Polar Bears International

FNA’s John Gunter talks polar bear live cams with the CBC

CBC’s Marilyn Maki interviewed Frontiers North Adventures (FNA) President and CEO, John Gunter, this week. Gunter talked about all the amazing wildlife his guests have already seen on his Tundra Buggies® this season, including gyrfalcons, a muskrat, snowy owls, and of course polar bears! But being on a Tundra Buggy isn’t the only way to see live polar bears and other Arctic wildlife. Gunter also talked about the live cams mounted on FNA’s Tundra Buggy Lodge and Buggy One. FNA donates Buggy One to Polar Bears International (PBI) for the Tundra Connections program, an educational initiative designed to teach people all about polar bears and climate change. PBI brings up scientists that travel on Buggy One throughout polar bear season, connecting scientists to the public via webcasts and live chats. None of this educational outreach could be done without the cams provided by explore.org. These cams help connect people to this environment, and inspire people to take the next step to help polar bears. Over the last 2 years, these live polar bear cams have reached almost 1 million views and, since inception, they have streamed over 10 million hours of content! These cams have been watched across 179 countries and are especially popular in Germany and India. Explore.org continues to provide people the opportunity to never stop learning, whether they’re on the tundra or in their living room!

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