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Animal Shelters Drop Adoption Fees for Holidays

From the Mountain View Voice: Humane Society Silicon Valley and five additional Bay Area animal shelters will take part in the annual Home for the Holidays Program this December and all six shelters will offer adoptions of adult dogs and cats for $12. As there are over 1,300 homeless animals in Silicon Valley, the goal of this program is to find a home for every adult animal available on Nov. 28 by Jan. 1.” ‘Tis the season of getting a life-long furry friend! How could it benefit you? 

While holiday hounds and other pets can sometimes be misguided, impulse “purchases,” thoughtful pet adoptions have myriad benefits, especially those from shelters. Rescue pets are often already house broken, and pet adoptions support rescue shelters and decrease the demand on puppy mills. Spaying and neutering are often done before adoption as well. Not to mention the health benefits. Studies show the unconditional love of a pet helps to lower heart rates, anxiety and ward off depression.

On our Animal Wellness Live Cam and Kitten Rescue Live Cam, you can get virtual introductions to pets in need of loving homes. Both of these shelters are no-kill and based in Los Angeles. See more available cats and dog at Animal Wellness’ Adoption page here!

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