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Hanging With Siku

/ Post by Kt Miller of Polar Bears International

At 5:30 a.m., I woke to the soothing voice of Stevie Nicks serenading me with Fleetwood Mac’s number one hit, Dreams, also known as my most favorite alarm clock ever. The rest of the house was dark and silent. I slid into my slippers and tiptoed to the kitchen. With a flick, the teakettle gurgled into motion, breaking the silence. I slid into one of the kitchen table chairs and fired up my computer. With a few clicks I was there, virtually connected to the Scandinavian Wildlife Park in Denmark. “Good morning, Siku!”

About two weeks ago, Polar Bears International took over operating the Siku cameras at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park. It has been fun to spend time with Siku, one of the best-known polar bears in the world, and a representative of climate change awareness on a global scale.

The next time you have your music playing on your computer while you’re cooking a meal, stretching after a workout, or reading on the couch, go to explore.org and join us. Watch Siku play, show your kids, tell your friends. Whether it’s five minutes or two hours, it’s a little inspiration to fire up your day. It is a nice reminder that we are all connected and as global citizens must all participate in addressing climate change. The future of polar bears, people, and all other living things depends on it.