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Giving Thanks from OFSDS

Happy Thanksgiving To all our Friends, Furry and Human! Every year we pause to give thanks and to be thankful for all the folks who have allowed us to be where we are today. This year has been a year of big change that wouldn’t have been possible without the help of thousands of people who donated, volunteered, provided services and were here for us during a very busy and difficult time.

Last Thanksgiving, we had not yet moved into GrandPaw’s Gardens, our new Sanctuary. We are now settled in and able to rescue and care for many more senior dogs than we were able to care for a year ago.


On this day of Thanks, we want to give a huge THANK YOU to all the folks out there who have made it possible for us to fulfill our dream and our mission to help Senior Dogs in Need.

THANK YOU to our Furever Foster Families, and there are now over 200 of them, who give their Old Friends a loving retirement home for the rest of their life. They have allowed more senior dogs to live out their lives as a loved family member while increasing our capacity to rescue senior dogs throughout the Middle Tennessee area.

THANK YOU to those who have donated funds to OFSDS. You are our lifeblood. You help us every step along the way to vet, feed and house our Old Friends and you help us to support the folks who love and care for our Old Friends every day. Every donation is very important to us.

THANK YOU to those of you who have donated goods to our Old Friends. Everything at GrandPaw’s Gardens is there because of our donors. You have donated furniture, beds, toys, food, supplies and so many other things that we use every day.

THANK YOU to our amazing staff who has adapted and grown with us as we have adjusted to our new Sanctuary. There were challenges and many ups and downs, but you have never forgotten our focus and have stuck by our Old Friends to provide the loving care that they deserve.

THANK YOU to the folks in our area shelters who work tirelessly and sometimes thanklessly to find homes or rescue for the dogs who have come to them through no fault of their own.

THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU, our Facebook, Instagram, and Explore.org Friends! You have helped us to spread our word to folks far and wide throughout the world.

THANK YOU to our many FUNdraising partners, including, but certainly not limited to, Treat Me Right, Bonfire Funds, and The Community Foundation of Middle TN.

THANK YOU to The Annenberg foundation, Dog Bless You and Explore.org for the cameras that give us the means to share our Old Friends live, all day, every day to folks throughout the world.

THANK YOU to Facebook, Instagram and Explore.org for providing the platforms that enable us to share our mission, Celebrating Senior Dogs throughout the world.

THANK YOU to our Old Friend’s GrandPawrents, whose incredible support and acceptance of our fur-filled lifestyle means so much to us.

THANK YOU to our Old Friends for adding joy and purpose to our lives.

THANK YOU to the people in Mount Juliet, who have welcomed us into the heart of their city.

THANK YOU to all of those who are not mentioned specifically, but who have helped us in our mission to spread the word about and to help Senior Dogs both in our local area and everywhere.




Happy Thanksgiving!!