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Bear Chat with Ranger Roy (11/8)!

Bear fans we have yet another exciting chat for you!

We loved the live chat with Mike Fitz so much that we decided to do another brown bear chat on Wednesday, November 8th, at 3pm ET / 12pm PT with Ranger Roy! 

We can’t wait to hear about all the exciting memories Ranger Roy has from this past season!

Make sure to submit your questions below and when we go live you can watch here!


  • bearland22

    HI Ranger Roy, 2016 was my first year so I missed you and Mike. But I’ve watched every video and sometimes more than once that you and Mike recorded.
    My question is, Do you feel live cams are going to help the National Parks receive more much needed money for care and research?

    • Stacey

      Great question, bearland! Thanks for asking this.

  • stmango

    Ranger Roy- Is it true that @exploreorg-fc93bbbf9e4177e4670ff7bae537928e:disqus impending visit to Brooks in 2016 was the real reason you left? #rumors

    • DTB

      He waited as long as he could. I told him, “Go… you must, for your career. You can always plan to be there the same time as us next time” But then he said he doesn’t like to make ‘plans’ because then words like ‘premeditated’ start being thrown around.

      • stmango

        That was selfless of you.

    • http://www.teatrremus.pl/ Kasia

      Come on Mango – we all know it was – why scratch the old wounds now :-))))))))))

  • Dasimi

    Hey Ranger Roy looking forward to seeing you. Yippy! Question, considering that bears bulk up prior to denning, approximately how much do they gain, and approximately how much do they lose returning to and digging a den? Thank you in advance !

  • Shannon Quistorff

    Can you give an update on some of the favorites as to how they were doing the last you saw. Also where does the new assigned numbers and pictures get posted, and approx. when?

    • lenoirdenantes

      I would like to see the new numbers for the sub adults too. I hope they will be included in the new bear book released next year.

  • Joy

    Hi, Ranger Roy, I just heard on the news of a grizzly bear shot and killed at Becharof National Wilderness by a Guide recently as the bear was going to attack 2 fishmen. Guide thinks they woke the bear up and he just charged them. I have seen on the Katmai cams people walking by bushes with sleeping bears nearby. In your opinion, why does Katmai not have this problem but it occurred in neighboring Becharof? TY.

  • Lovethebears

    Hello Ranger Roy, thank you for having a chat with us!
    I wonder if you would share what your favorite bear/Brooks moment was?

  • uclamom

    Sure do miss your late night bat watches and tours from the Dumpling Camera. Wondering if you think maybe remote cameras like the ones at Brooks camp perhaps should not be expected to do as much as they are doing now. I am thinking back when 2012 and 2013 the cameras were rather simplistic, but managed to last far into the season. I would certainly give up HD and other innovations to have a camera that stays functioning longer than the last few years. On a personal note, have you met a dog that will find a permanent home with you? I know it must be hard to replace one that had such a solid place in your heart. Hope to travel to Shenandoah the next time I go to DC to visit my son.

    • bearland22

      I would totally agree with you. Fancy cams aren’t needed for bear watching. All we want is to watch the bears as early and late as possible.

  • Birgitt

    Hello Ranger Roy. I too missed you while you were at Katmai, but feel that I know you from the live chats. I asked this question of Ranger Mike, but did not get a reply. Being either mean or persistent (or both) let me repeat it. Do you know how bears regenerate their claws? Do they wear down like dog claws or do they have sheaths that slough off revealing new, sharp claws beneath like cats do? Or is it something completely different? Thanks so much.

    • http://www.teatrremus.pl/ Kasia

      Thank you for being mean Birgitt! 😀 I was really curious about your claw question, too!

      • Birgitt

        YW. GrandmaJ was looking for the answer and couldn’t find it. So apparently it’s more obscure than you would think…

    • BearNurse

      My impression is they wear them down just like a dog who’s walked on
      Pavement. I have seen front paws were the claws are short compared to
      Back paws. This says to me the sow is digging for insects, tubers, etc.

  • stmango

    What do you miss the most about Katmai? What do you miss the least? Are there any animals/legends/ghost stories at Shenandoah that frighten you as much as @exploreorg-fc93bbbf9e4177e4670ff7bae537928e:disqus does?

  • Brian W

    Hi, Ranger Roy it will be good to see you again on the upcoming chat. My question concerns the mortality rates on the mixed hardwood trees in the Appalachian forest. The American Chestnut was once the dominant hardwood in these forests and is now all but extirpated, the same with Butternut and the American Elm, due to various fungal diseases. Is any attempt being made to reintroduce these hardwoods back into the forests?


    This season we have observed the unusual with regard to many prior season observations…..
    Sows and cubs and subadults in abundance fishing at the falls (even with large boars there), one even mastering the lip fishing technique
    Large dominant boars (856, 747) being almost absent from the falls in July
    Single females (402, 505) that typically fish the lip in July not really doing that this July like in prior Julys
    An abundance of bears fishing the falls into October
    747 and 410’s infrequent use of the river from June to October

    Do you recall a year at Katmai where you observed the unusual? If so, what? What year(s)?

  • Stacey

    Ranger Roy —

    1) Do you miss us? 😉
    2) Do you still watch the bear cams?
    3) Most importantly: How have the realities of BearCam met your vision? (Have they accomplished what you intended? Where did they exceed your expectations? What were the surprises?)

    Thanks for all you do — and thanks, especially, for BearCam!

  • BMDdad

    Doing your time there at Shenandoah National Par, have you had any “close” encounters with any of the black bears?

  • abcayemich

    Hi Roy.In your travels and studies, have you ever encountered a ‘Winter Bear’?

  • Bear hugs

    Have you ever been to Sweden?:)