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Lone wolf on the Lower River

Lone wolf on the Lower River

Wolf Sighted on Katmai Cam (Video)

On the Lower River Cam in Alaska’s Katmai National Park, a lone figure steps onto the banks of the Brooks River – Canis lupus, the grey wolf, a spectral and ghostly figure in the dim evening light.

The wolf steps into the shallow waters and upon returning to the shore, vigorously shakes the water off its fur. Anyone familiar with the behaviors of domesticated dogs will instantly recognize the actions of this wild relative. After laying down on its belly to relax, the wolf retreats into the tall grass.

And while this wolf appears solitary, more may be close by. Wolves are highly social creatures, each pack averaging about 9 wolves, but they can number in the dozens.

Famous for its Brown Bears, Katmai is host to many animals, including 42 species of mammals from moose to otters to porcupines. Still, an intimate peek at an elusive wolf is something to share and celebrate. Descriptions do no justice, you must watch the video highlight to experience this magnificent creature:

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  • Deborah

    Nice video thanks for featuring this amazing moment.

  • Chuigirl

    It was thrilling to see the wolf last night could not get enough pictures, thanks for the video that make’s it even better

  • bookend

    Incredible animal.

  • http://yodeirdre.blogspot.com/ Mrs Z

    I was watching the live cam that evening…it was just before dark. Amazing that the camera operator saw that! You really cannot tell from the clip just how far the camera had to zoom in order to get the wolf. Excellent job by Cam-Op!

  • Cog

    Usually spelled “gray”.

  • PA

    Thank you for this footage of the wolf. One morning this week around 5:00am or so the wolf was spotted close up on the bank. It grabbed a salmon left over from the bank and ran off. The astute camera operator zoomed so you could see the wolf’s face. It would be wonderful to see that footage again if it is available. The bear footage has been amazing this year so thank you for your hard work!