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Catch all the Polar Bear Live Events – 2014 Calendar

Polar Bears International and explore.org have partnered to bring you another riveting season of live events highlighting the annual polar bear migration through Churchill, Manitoba. World-renowned experts, and a few friends, will join us live to explore the frozen world of the Arctic Tundra where the polar bears gather to begin a season of hunting. Learn about the lives of these favorite arctic animals and the new technologies being used to study them. All live events will stream on Polar Bear TV and explore.org

Ranger Roy talks Polar Bears!
Friday, Oct. 24, 2 pm ET / 11am PT
Your favorite Rangers are back, but this time they are talking about something new! Join Alysa McCall as she interviews the Katmai rangers and they compare notes on how and why polar and grizzly bears are similar but also so, so different.

Mums and Cubs
Saturday, Oct. 25, 2:30pm ET / 11:30am PT
Tune in as Alysa McCall interviews Wes Larson, BYU grad student, about what it’s like to study polar bear moms and their cubs in northern Alaska. Find out what makes this group of polar bears so special and how scientists are using new technologies to learn more.

Polar Bear Patrol
Date and Time TBA
Churchill, Manitoba, is known as the Polar Bear Capital of the World and residents routinely spot polar bears around town. How do people stay safe? Join Alysa McCall (and maybe a special guest) to learn how the rangers at Manitoba Conservation and the Polar Bear Patrol keep the town safe 24/7, and why this Halloween has everyone on high alert!

Bear Talk with Chris Morgan
Friday, Oct. 31, 4 pm ET / 1pm PT
World-renowned bear expert Chris Morgan joins Alysa McCall to chat about his experiences with polar bears on the tundra. Learn how this place and these bears differ from all the other bears he has studied.

Tracking Down Polar Bears
Saturday, Nov. 1, 12 pm ET / 9am PT
How do we know where polar bears are in the winter when they leave land? Tune in as Alysa McCall talks about the new and exciting technologies being used to study and track polar bears, and why this information could be critical for their future.

Polar Bear Week and the Energy Challenge
Sunday, Nov. 2, 3 pm ET / 12pm PT
What is Polar Bear Week and how can you participate in the Energy Challenge? Come learn from Polar Bears International about all the exciting events that will be happening this week on the tundra and how you can play a big part in conserving polar bears!

For One, For All
Saturday, Nov. 8, 1pm ET / 10am PT
Why do we talk about conserving polar bears so much when there are other species closer to extinction? Join Alysa McCall to discuss how actions we take to preserve sea ice and polar bears are actions that help every creature on this planet, even you!

Stressed Out Polar Bears
Sunday, Nov. 9, 2 pm ET / 11am PT
Do you get stressed when you’re hungry? How about when you’re uncomfortable and can’t predict your next meal? Well polar bears feel stressed too! How do we know? Join Alysa McCall to talk about how we measure stress in animals and why this is important to know.

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