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Brown Bear Story: calliopejane

“Back in 2014, on my first trip to Katmai National Park, we did a float down to Big Creek and King Salmon. Along theway we saw a yearling and her injured mother who had a snare cutting into her neck. Right after I got home I saw a post on Explore that the injured bear was Divot and that she and her cub had returned to Brooks. A complicated plan was put in place to dart Divot and remove the snare from her neck. To see her return not only healthy but with three chubby cubs warms my heart.” – calliopejane


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  • LeafLady

    Wow, you have a special relationship to this amazing story. You must be filled with joy at the outcome.

  • Alice BRT

    Thank you CJ, I think I remember that you alerted the folks at Katmai to 854 Divot’s neck snare…Thank You Over and Over Again!
    On a side thought, I wonder if her little “prima donna hellion” is one of the more mature sub cubs we’re seeing this year? I hope so!

  • amazed

    I love this. I remember the snare around her neck. Just look at her now with her darling cubs. Great photo. Many thanks to you and your sharp eye for spotting her back then and for this wonderful photo. It warms all of our hearts.

  • Pinebutte

    It really is an amazing story. Glad you were part of the happy outcome and continue to witness the life and times of Divot~ Cheers!

  • Xan Xan