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Snapshot by CamOp Arya

Snapshot by CamOp Arya

Brown Bear Live Chat (2/13)

Got the winter blues? Wishing for a cool summer breeze and the cute wiggle of a brown bear butt? While we don’t have a time machine to speed up a few months we do have a live chat with Ranger Anela Ramos on Tuesday February 13th at 2pm PST/ 5pm ET!

Join us as we learn more about what to expect during this upcoming brown bear season and make sure to ask all your questions below! When we go live, you can watch here!

  • Lovethebears

    Thank you Ranger Anela in advance for this live chat! Wondering if you know who the last bears in camp were this fall? Since we lost the cam’s so early we missed a lot.

  • ♥Juergen♥

    my questions i have for the chat, @Ranger Anela check my direct message at twitter to KNP. TY

    • http://explore.org/ explore.org mod

      She will be answering the questions we collect for her so feel free to post your question here so we can make sure she receives it.

  • Stacey

    Ranger Anela —

    Could you talk about earthquakes and bear dens?

    I know the recent Alaska was pretty far away from Katmai.

    Would that earthquake have been likely to affect dens at Katmai?

    And how might it have affected dens at Kodiak? (I know the earthquake was closer to there.)

    My general question: Are dens likely able to withstand earthquakes?

    Thanks for all you do to help us understand the bears!

    • Allie Eska

      Thanks, Stacy, for asking this. That area had to have felt the EQ & I’ve worried about avalanches, landslides & den cave-ins.

      • Stacey

        Thanks for saying this, Allie!

        Bears are so smart — building on a certain side of the mountain, etc.

        I bet their designs are designed in such a way that they withstand earthquakes really well. :-)

  • Shannon Quistorff

    So excited to see this, going through bear withdrawals. I see someone already asked what I was wondering (who was seen after cameras went down)

  • Lovethebears

    Is there a date set for staff and rangers to return to Brooks Camp in the spring?

  • Stacey

    Ranger Anela —Could you provide an update on bridge construction for this summer? And next summer?

    Thank you!

  • Birgitt

    Ranger Anela, I think the things everyone wants to know are:
    1) Have numbers been assigned yet to the newly identified bears from 2017 and, if so, what are they?
    2) Approximately when is the 2018 bear book due to be published.
    3) Who will be working on the Bear Book?
    4) Will Ranger Dave be returning to Katmai for the 2018 season?
    5) Will you be hiring additional rangers to help manage Subadult Summer #2?
    6) Has Ranger Michael gotten any results from his DNA testing yet and, if so, is there a place we can go to look for information?

  • Dasimi

    I’m sure it’s been asked but praying for new numbers and did anyone spot 480 Otis or Popeye after cams went down? Possibly in lower river? Thank you!

  • Birgitt

    @exploreorg-ca6bff62f4e46cbb192152ec843ebdbf:disqus has the following questions. She has an Explore account, not a Disqus account, so she cannot ask them here and I told her I would post them on her behalf.

    1) Have there been any more overflights of Brooks Camp? If so, are there
    any observations that can be shared? Are there photos? If there hasn’t
    been one, will there be and will they post photos then?

    2) At the end of the season there were problems with the cams that they weren’t
    able to get to the camp in order to safely repair them. What impact do
    they expect this will have on how soon the cams will come back up? Have
    there been discussions/plans with Explore about their repair?

    3) In last year’s Guide, we had the surprise of 602 turning out to be male.
    Are there any surprises that we will see in the 2018 Guide that you can
    share now?

    4) What are you most looking forward to in returning to Brooks? What do you anticipate as your biggest challenge?

    5) We know that the official lists are maintained using the same
    methodology to support long term studies at the Falls, and in order to
    do this it requires three sightings during the defined sessions and that
    the fall session doesn’t include the Falls area. While I fully
    understand the reason why the methodology is maintained, I wonder
    whether there has been any consideration given to beginning a different
    or separate list where bears have actually been seen and identified but
    either less than three times or at the Falls in the fall time period.

    The reason why I ask this is that the list is now being used for more than
    one purpose: the real, scientific one, and then the secondary one by
    those of us who follow the lives of the individual bears.

    And for those following the lives of the individual bears, I’d suggest that the
    fact of even a single official identification at any location and at any
    time is important because we are interested in the individuals. We know
    that there are times when a bear has been seen or we think maybe a bear
    has been seen, but maybe it did not meet the requirements and therefore
    isn’t identified. This causes discussion, confusion and concern about
    the individual bear. Would the Park and the Bear Monitor give some
    consideration to a second list (even generated from the first so as to
    not cause extra work) to share here?

  • Deborah-TX (2014)

    Have any rangers done a fly over of the valley of 10,000 smokes after the recent earthquake? Has there been any volcano activity changes in the valley?

  • Deborah-TX (2014)

    Over the past 2 years the boat basin has gradually filled in so that Brooks lodge boats can’t use the basin. Have there been any other notable changes to the landscape along the Brooks River?

  • Deborah-TX (2014)

    Can a bear like Otis continue to fish successfully if all 4 canine teeth are lost or does the loss of canines lead to having to scavenge for fish?

  • Mazey

    Good morning Anela. I see some of my questions have already been asked. Here are a few:
    1. Are there any additional new subadults or adults that will be added to the Bear Book?
    2. If Dave is back, will he be involved with the bear cams?
    3. Is the media Ranger position being filled and will there be interns to help?
    4. Is it possible to add more bear photos to KNP & P Flicker and Facebook pages this year?
    5. Did we chatters scare Cathy Bell off last year or is she camera shy? It would be great to hear about her first year experiences at Brooks Camp.
    6. As I understand it, Ranger Michael has finished darting at Brooks and will be moving his study to the coast. Is there any chance of him doing a live chat with us before he heads to the coast? (assuming he will be at Brooks in mid May for Ranger training)

    Thanks so much for arranging the chat today. We are all looking forward to it.

    • Debbie Little

      Great questions Mazey, Thanks , Bearz61

  • sandy parr

    I notice fishermen on the bear cams. Are the salmon just as nourishing when they are about to die?

  • ♥Juergen♥

    Hi Ranger Anela, my Keywords,/questions for the chat:
    DNA Project from Ranger Michael Saxton
    new e-book 2018
    Status about he new bridge Project,
    why had you been so shorthanded in women/man power short after the season had been over, and still this situation is going on?
    is Ranger Cathy Bell still there as a media Ranger?? wondering why she is so quite after she appered once in bearchat and once with a live chat.

  • Thomas Fisher

    The Katmai is an experience that my wife and I will never forget. Subadults at five feet sow and this past years newbies 20 feet away we had to duck in the lodge. Ranger using bear noise devices to get this one away from the cabin area. A wolf became a regular sighting. We even got bearjammed for over 5 hours
    A wonderful mystical place

  • http://www.explore.org Sue B.

    Please turn up volume of the chat we are having trouble hearing, thanks!