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Beluga Boat Captain Hayley interviews whale expert Stephen Petersen

Hop aboard the Beluga Boat Cam Friday, August 28th at 3:30pm PT / 6:30pm ET for a live chat with marine mammal expert Stephen Petersen!

Stephen Petersen

Stephen Petersen

Dr. Petersen will join Beluga Boat Captain Hayley Shephard remotely for a live Q&A session during the whale tour. This is a wonderful opportunity to ask the expert about whales, polar bears, and other marine mammals. Simply post your questions in the comments section below the Beluga Cam.

Stephen Petersen is the Head of Conservation and Research for Assiniboine Park Zoo, and Adjunct Professor at both University of Winnipeg and University of Manitoba. His recent research projects have focused on the ecology and genetics of Arctic mammals. He also trains and engages citizen scientists in conservation efforts. We can’t wait to chat with him, and to hear from you then!

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