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A Polar Bear Rests in a Bed of Kelp

A Polar Bear Rests in a Bed of Kelp

Polar Bear in Kelp

Polar bears are starting to gather along the coast of Canada to wait for sea ice to return. It has been a long 4+ months since some last eaten a seal. Their rest is almost done and hunting season starts soon.

Seal blubber gives polar bears the much needed fat they need to use as energy when they are onshore. Because polar bears don’t eat much on land, they also can be very lazy — but hopefully comfortable in the kelp. Tune in to the Polar Bear Cams to see what the bears are up to!

Fast Facts:

  • Polar bears have evolved to feed on seals, specifically seal fat, the highest calorie food source possible. These bears prey on both ringed and bearded seals. Ringed seals, which are smaller, are the most accessible, especially to younger bears and females.
  • The polar bear’s main prey is the ringed seal, which it catches from openings in the ice.
  • Without sea ice, polar bears can’t reach their prey.
  • Every winter, bears wait for ice to form and then head to happy hunting grounds. Read more at PBI.

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