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Steve and Rachel remain alone on their nest

Audubon’s Steve Kress Provides Insight on Osprey Chicks

The Hog Island Osprey Nest and its viewers were shocked on Friday when an eagle took both young osprey chicks from their nest in the afternoon hours. Project Puffin Director Dr. Steve Kress provides his insight and gives context on why the eagle attack may have occurred, including a first hand account from staff on Hog Island.

“I share the loss of our little osprey chicks ‘Big’ and ‘Little’ who vanished today so suddenly. I too will miss watching the daily drama at the nest unfold. But now we must look for new lessons in this. What will Rachel and Steve do? Will they continue to frequent the nest and guard it from intruders? Will they take this opportunity to do some remodeling by building up new layers of nesting material in anticipation of next year? My hunch is that they will not lay eggs- there would not be time before the powerful urge to migrate lifts them into the wind.  I long ago learned that watching birds is endlessly surprising and with the tool of the cam, we all have the opportunity to learn together.

We do know for sure that it was an eagle that took the chicks. And we have an eyewitness account. The Hog Island chef had just stretched out in a nearby hammock to take a well-deserved rest when she heard the ospreys calling loudly- then heard a loud ‘whoomphing noise.’ She turned to see the eagle flying low to the ground and suspects the eagle was hit by one of the ospreys-and this drove it to the ground. ‘The eagle looked as though it hit the ground and had trouble gaining altitude, but barreled off through the trees, right by my hammock.’

This is the first time that an eagle has snatched nestlings from Rachel and Steve, though eagles and Great Horned Owls have threatened the nest before. Much of the ospreys’ success up to today is because their  nest is located in the center of the Hog Island Audubon Camp.  When it is in session, the camp provides protection as there are usually bird watchers frequenting the vicinity. Rachel and Steve have grown accustomed to this activity which usually deters wary eagles. However, the 50 participants in this week’s program ‘Hands on Bird Science’ departed this morning, which may have given the eagle an opportunity to attack. A pair of eagles also nest on Hog Island in a nearby giant white pine and they have at least one chick to feed. But today’s attacker could have just as easily been a random bird taking advantage of an opportunity. Maine’s coastal Bald Eagles often feed on other birds, though these are usually gulls and sea ducks such as eider. And eagle populations are on the increase- an indication of less pollution from pesticides such as DDT. The most recent Maine statewide eagle census found more than 700 pairs–a dramatic increase from only a few pairs in the 1960’s.

It’s natural to look for meaning and lessons in such a loss- and though it’s tough to witness, I reflect that some birds will live as others pass. And this is very much the case with eagles. Each bird is just trying to stay alive and rear its young. Today’s drama reminds us how beautifully adapted each animal is to its habitat and home. This cam has given us a remarkable window to see nature as few have seen it before.”

Thank you for your words, Steve. Explore has cut a short video of the attacks, which we sent to osprey experts for review, and we must warn you the footage could be disturbing for some viewers. The video is below:


  1. RaisingVenus

    Thank you for the information. Very helpful. It’s so hard to watch nature unfold like this but we must respect it for what it is.

    • Just Romie

      what i don’t understand is that this nest overlooks the water that is loaded with large fish (as we have seen) – why not just dive in and get a big fish that can easily feed the family rather than two small babies – its just so hard to understand

      • Janet in NYC

        Birds of prey spend much less energy snatching helpless nestlings than they do making a kill of adult fish, birds or rodents. It seems opportunistic and ruthless but it keeps them going until the next meal. Still, very sad for the nesting pair and us faithful viewers

  2. Rose L

    I cannot watch the video and will not I prefer to remember the chicks as they were being cared for by both parents, nature can sometimes confuse us all in the animal kingdom as well as our human world as life princesses through its cycles. To Rachael and Steve we give you our prayers and glad you are safe to make it through this season and into many more ………………………

    • Sandi Sola

      I can’t bring myself to watch the video, either. I know this is part of nature, but…

  3. Debbie

    Thank you for the information. I was watching live as Little was taken, and it is an image I wish I didn’t see. I understand nature, but it still tugs at ones heart who has a love for all living things! Sincerely ~

  4. Joanne Zych

    Simply, it makes me cry. between here and Dunrovin, it has been a very tough year.

    • gwenhwyfar01

      And Hellgate too with all three viable eggs broken by the hail storm. My heart continues to hurt for all of them but especially for R and S, Big and Little. They were born and growing with everything ahead of them. At least they gave Audrey at Chesapeake 2 babies to foster.

      • skylarblu

        Thank you , even if sad I was interested in Hellgate from last year. I guess that name goes with that nest.

      • BostonBean

        I question the relocation of the chicks, though happy for Tom nad Audrey. If the chicks original nest was taken down, I feel for the parent osprey coming home to discover their nest and the chicks all gone. Why couldn’t they relocate the nest to a nearby safer area, while leaving intact. These chicks don’t seem to be actual ‘orphans’.

        • JudyB

          I read that two eggs from a nest that had collapsed were added to the three eggs laid by the “donor pair” – and when 4 of the 5 eggs there hatched, biologists had hoped to relocate two of the chicks – to Tom and Audrey got two, and the parents kept two. I don’t know what happened to the pair who lost their nest – it might have been early enough that they could have built a new nest and reclutched.

  5. June Wilson

    I WAS SICK. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I watch both babies from the time they were born. This is my first time watching a live stream. The second baby was born on my birthday so I felt especially close to it. I don’t know if Rachel (a bird) has feelings and is depressed that both her babies are gone. I’m depressed, it was shocking! I know it’s nature and that’s the way nature is but, it’s very hard when you have had such a connection. I had the live stream on at work every day and showed everyone. It was such a joy. What a sad ending to these two lovely little babies. I still can’t believe it.

  6. Deborah

    Thank you for posting this information. The video, while tough to watch along with the chef’s description gives a full view of was happening. We should be thankful that Rachel was not injured by a hungry eagle.

  7. Djcnewport

    700plus pairs of Eagles in Maine, that’s amazing. I guess they’re no longer on the endangered list. I was, and still am, sickened by what happened. I think that I would be afraid and wary to watch this cam again. I just hope others will once again enjoy the antics of Rachel and Steve and their new family next summer..

  8. streyy-WA

    Is a recurrence in the future any more likely, now that an eagle has been successful?. I.e. Is it likely to,remember and monitor this nest?

    • skylarblu

      I feel like this also. Especially, with Steve, stating the increased eagle population.

  9. I watched yesterday, shortly after it happened. I have been watching this nest since last year, was the cam op for the first pip and watched all the unfolding life and death here since 11 April, 2015, including each egg being laid and each hatching. I don’t need to see the video again; it is etched forever in my mind. This was a staggering loss…for everyone. Watching Rachel and Steve in the aftermath has been heartbreaking, and hundreds of hugs have been given and received around the world. That’s what makes this bearable. Yes, nature is nature, and we STILL feel this loss because it’s one of “our own.” Thanks, Steve, for your comments and your heartfelt response. We look to next year.
    I also am leaning on what I’ve witnessed from Stanley and Iris since their loss a few weeks ago and take heart for Steve and Rachel, a devoted pair who will get through this, like we all must do.

  10. ellen

    I have been watching this nest since Mabel and Tory. After enjoying the 3 P’s last year, I made early reservations to attend the HI camp this year. We are scheduled to attend the Raptor Rapture in two weeks. I have been full of joy and anticipation as the count down to the camp was approaching. After the events of yesterday, I almost felt like canceling the entire trip. I was so looking forward to seeing this wonderful family in person and perhaps participating in the banding of the chicks like they did last year. I wondered if there was anything left to look forward to by going to the camp…..
    I must say, I have begun trying to change my perspective a little so my husband and I can somehow look forward to this camp again. We are birders and enjoy our local Audubon Chapter (I am on the board), so we do love birds and I am sure we can see some species not available to us in Florida when we visit Maine. I am just so sad and heavy hearted. There will be no family to see or banding to watch. I have two weeks to try and get over this and try to find another purpose to our trip to HI.
    I will not cancel, but I am not so excited to go either. Only time will help me…

    • BostonBean

      When we attended last year, we had no expectation of the banding, so that was not even a factor in our decision. The chicks had not fledged, so we only caught tiny glimpses of the chicks. The classroom time was extraordinarily interesting. You will get to see Puffins, and Eagles, as well as the site to which you no doubt have become attached. This is tragic turn of events, for certain, but try not to allow it to ruin the experience – there is so much more to attending camp that you’ll find rewarding. Be sure to explore the artists in residence cabins if that is allowed (meaning no artists actually in residence!) Last year, Dr. B also tried to capture the marlins which was fascinating (though unsuccessful!) Hard to predict what’s in store, but it is for sure a worthwhile and memorable experience.

  11. skylarblu

    I guess Rachel has to leave the nest? And was it 2 eagles ? Why did it not just leave with the one and go to it’s nest? And lastly, I do realize that Steve, and Rachel are not human , but do they not feel some sort of lose?

    • Cathy Sylvester

      In listening to the tape I believe I heard a thump before the eagle took the chick. So in order to defend her chicks Rachel would have had to leave the nest to dive at the eagle. That I think was the noise which was heard. Steve was probably off fishing like he usually is at the time of day and could not get back in time. the eagle was swift.
      Having worked with birds (parrots) for many years, I have noticed that they like many animals, go through a mourning period/loss upon the loss of a baby or partner. changes in routine, behavior and “communication” can be observed….. All creatures experience a sense of loss. For more info check out Steve Kress’ blog….. hope this helps

  12. BeckyBear

    It’s forever etched in mind, and my student’s minds, as I am a teacher, and I happened to pull up the nest on the big screen in the classroom, right when the first one happened… we all screeched…. and then some students started to cry…I was speechless… then of course it was hard not to shut it off for fear of the other little one… what a nightmare. Much love to R and S

    • debra turnbull

      Oh, I’m so sorry Becky. That must have just been horrible for you and your students. I can only imagine the position that must have put you in and I hope the parents of these children understand their children are learning all about nature; the good and the bad.

      • BeckyBear

        Thanks Debra…. It was terrible. Period. im still shaking my head thinking about it- the timing I had. Oh well, time heals.. Thanks 🙂

    • I pray that you and the students can move through the trauma in a way that brings healing and understanding. Oh my; I can’t imagine what that was like for you. So sorry.

  13. Janet in NYC

    I have been a viewer of the Hog Island osprey nesting pair since last year and looked forward to their return this year. You could say I bonded with this family. I mourn for the chicks but the video, even with the swift violence, somehow gives their sad end some closure.

  14. LA


  15. puppywatcher11ma

    Nature sometimes takes control over what we love and sadly we don’t always have the answer why the circle of life goes the way it does….. Growing up on a farm I’ve seen it countless timesand even as a adult I see it…. Sad day for those attached to this project but remember that life goes on more will come along …

  16. Dubtown Dude

    Thanks, Steve Kress, for the insight and witness recollection. This brings it all together for me since I only just saw the last eagle attack and it was lightening fast. As you say, “watching birds is endlessly surprising.”

  17. Kathy Libby

    Man, they must be so heartbroken. Such dedicated parents – we could all take some lessons from this couple. Been watching them since Ollie, Sibley, and Skye, and will continue through this season as well. A reminder to all of us that life is precious and how quickly it can all change.

  18. disqus_qSBpnjmJ8M

    I must say the watching of this pair has and continues to truly be a
    fascinating experience. It is sad to see the chicks taken, but I have
    never witnessed a nest snatching before and found it to quite
    interesting. We had a late fall last year, you suspected the urge to
    migrate will temper their egg laying, but does the previous year’s
    weather affect the next year’s projection for breeding, if so, can we
    possibly expect some more chicks? The speed and accuracy at which they
    were grabbed is amazing. I hypothesize that the chicks were immediately
    killed and experienced no pain, is this a fair assumption – have Eagle
    prey been known to be killed instantly or taken to the nest alive? Is
    the eagle’s nest close enough to where it dropped off the chick and
    returned for the other? Or is capable of eating the first in that short
    of a time span, then return for the second? Do Eagles work in pairs or
    cache like Ravens? Is it usually the male or female eagles that
    snatch? Is there a way to collect the egg that did not hatch from the
    nest and
    discover why it did not – deformity, sterile, pollution/toxins, etc.?
    Is the construction of the Osprey nest in such a way, compared with
    others, that it left the chicks susceptible? Thank you.

    • Tetonka

      All predators have no regard as to their prey’s suffering. These are animals, people, not entertainers. The “wonderful” Timber wolf routinely devours the back legs on deer and elk while they are very much alive. Nature is very cruel, something I learned spending 45 years bowhunting for deer here in Minnesota. The best death any animal can hope for would be being hit by a car or getting shot by a hunter. The alternatives are being eaten alive or starving after their teeth wear down, I which case they will most likely be eaten alive anyway. There are NO comfortable, peaceful deaths in the wild. All animals will die a violent, sometimes very painful death. There may be fish everywhere, but the eagle (or any predator) will ALWAYS take the easiest prey. I’ve spent my entire life in the woods and have witnessed many surprising and violent actions. Did anyone know that deer and even squirrels will seek out and eat baby birds, rabbits and mice? They do. It is amazing to me just how ignorant urban folks are to the ways of nature. By naming these birds, suggesting they have human emotions, etc. you are all setting yourselves up to be shocked and saddened. The best thing humans can do is keep our nose out. Enjoy watching these cams, but do not be surprised at anything you might see. There is nothing you can do to prevent nature from being natural. These animals are not good or bad, just wild. Mother nature has no feelings! Believe it.

  19. Dmitri Novikov

    Happiness while it lasts…

  20. Theveens

    I just came back from a 100th birthday party. I was on earlier and a film tribute from Charlotte was mentioned. Can anyone repost it? This is my first year watching so didn’t even consider anything tragic happening. I went to another Osprey nest as suggested but they were just ️birds. They were not our Big and Little of which we knew every little trait. I was origionally directed to Explore for the puffins, but soon attached to S&R. Now we await Finn and Phoebe’s chick hatching near the 4 th of July

  21. Wendy Painter Padilla

    Thank you for the information. I couldn’t possibly watch that video. I’m still so heartbroken about the babies and sad for Rachel and Steve. I discovered this great live cam just as the babies were hatching and watched them every day. Was away for a couple of days and came back to check in yesterday, only hours after they were taken. When I first tuned in, Rachel had a fish and was eating it, and was standing between the camera and where the babies should have been. Then she moved and there were no chicks, and that’s when I read about what had happened. It was such a shock. It still brings tears to my eyes. Watching S&R now makes me so sad. And Steve on the egg just kills me. I wish I could understand what they are feeling now. I don’t want to anthropomorphize them, but it really looks like they are looking for, or calling for, something. They look confused. But maybe that’s just what I’m reading in to it. I’ll miss watching the babies grow and fledge. It’s a real feeling of loss for me.

    • Cellia Northbrook


    • LauraNJ

      A real feeling of loss for many of us Wendy, just nothing we can do except grieve and then little by little we will recover, as will R&S I suppose. Just know we are not alone…..many have this powerful feeling of sadness and loss. ♥♥

  22. Idea-ist

    The eagles are quick! A split second…I didn’t realize how much smaller the osprey were either. Its a shame the osprey nest failed, but I suppose the eagles need to eat too.

  23. Margaret Merrick

    So sorry to hear about Big and Little. Very hard for Rachel and Steve.

    There is another great webcam of an Osprey family at http://www.ospreytaleteller.com
    Parents are Ozzie and Harriett
    Nestlings are David and Jesse
    This nest is in Beaufort, North Carolina, and is in Year 4.

  24. Cellia Northbrook

    I just want to ask one thing – this eagle took one baby, then came back for the second chick. How was it able to carry both babies?

    • KOside

      The Eagle came back an hour later. Most likely had already delivered it to his own nest to feed his babies. Eagles are scavengers and will eat many kinds of animals, even roadkill. It is just their nature. No wrongs or rights here. It’s life.

  25. Rose Blankenship

    OKAY so why weren’t the parents protecting their babies, especially after the first one was taken………………wtf

    • KOside

      The were protecting their nest. Even dangerously so as reports say that an osprey likely hit the eagle almost to the ground in an attempt to save the chick. But the Eagle is larger and more powerful than an osprey. Tough as it is, it is the law of nature. The Eagle has babies to feed also.

      • Nolasue1

        But there is an Abundance of fish in this area as Steve showed us with his fishing skills, why aren’t they after the fish? Can Audubon put some kind of deterrent that is there all the time, instead of people leaving and letting the eagles attack? We have the brainpower to figure out a solution for the smaller species

        • Tracy

          Humans need to keep out of it! Why do we insist we know best? Eagles have been hunting ospreys forever! Our “brainpower” is what has led to the decline of the natural world.

          • matt johnson

            Sort of proves that humans can’t help, only interfere, and luckily the chicks were not banded, giving the Eagle and its young something hazardous to swallow.

          • E35II

            Maybe humans could intervene in the cities like Detroit or Chicago to save the young and old that are slaughtered every day.

        • KOside

          Catching fish is harder for eagles than for ospreys. Ospreys have perfected it. I read once, something about their vision. It is easier for eagles to steal food. So even with an abundance of fish, the eagle will be attracted to a nest.

    • asays

      The parents did what they know is best to do. Divert the enemy and chase. If they stay in the nest to defend, they will end up badly injured and in this case won’t get to move on to next year’s nesting. We have to be thankful for what else didn’t happen. Stay strong everyone that is in mourning like a lot of us still are, especially the parents Steve and Rachel. I understand that sleeping in the nest tonight is painful… so Rachel isn’t going to sleep there.

  26. mosaic_world

    thanks for this very informative post.
    I agree that it is really sad when a young animal dies. but when it is taken as prey to feed another chick (which is unknown in this case), it becomes very ambiguous which animal has a right to survive and not survive. in nature, survival is very difficult.

    • RitaDenise

      i think you said it well. I have watched a bald eagle nest and could not watch live prey being eaten nor any mammals, but yet at that time, I was rooting for the eagle babies. Nature is not easy and all raptors have a high mortality rate.

  27. Jan

    I totally agree with everything you said. Glad to know I’m not alone in the sadness I feel. Miss those little furbabies. Watched them since they hatched. So very sad…so sad for Rachel and Steve …they seem so lost..

  28. Debbie Porges-Au

    Don’t forget to click on the red heart nexy to the word “recommend”, if you liked this article!

  29. Sue hargrove

    If you want to keep this osprey nest, I think you have to move the eagle nest farther away . If there’s so many more eagles, then we need to help and support the osprey population. These eagles know now they can rob this nest, I don’t think they will forget this. Man is intervening all the time with nature, it is time to help when you can. The other issue is a political one. We need more wild life lovers to try to have a voice politically to save our wild lands, as the right wing conservatives are now subsidiaries of dynasty’s like the Koch Bros. Seeing lesser, smaller species gobbled up by bigger ones is not going to get us supporters, it is likely to turn more away. So somehow the experts have to step in to try and prevent these occurances.

    • Tracy

      Please don’t presume people prefer the sanitized, “Disneyfied” version of nature. Just because we were lucky enough to be able to view this osprey pair doesn’t mean we control their destiny. Moving one eagle nest (presuming you even knew which one to move!) weighing up to a ton or more, is just a misguided notion of human interference.

    • LilacMoon

      If you want to cast blame politically then both parties are to blame as the greatest threat to all wildlife is the increased overpopulation of humans. We take their habitat, pollute their environment, and eliminate them in many ways. No one will address overpopulation because it’s not politically correct, and as to the Democrats they foster unlimited immigration in part to increase their voting base, and that adds to the harm already imposed on wildlife. I cried for these chicks and feel their loss deeply but that is nature. What hurts me more is the ultimate demise of entire species as we breed indiscriminately without thought. I hated to bring politics into this but I couldn’t let your comment stand. It’s up to us to make a better world. Peace.

    • Hi Nolasue1. We understand the desire to keep the chicks and their parents safe, and know that this loss has been heartbreaking. But it is Audubon’s policy not to intervene with a nest unless there was an obvious human-caused problem. Whether to intervene or not depends on the circumstance, and doing so is never easy. It could even have an adverse effect and make a nest unsafe or undesirable for an osprey family.

  30. William J. Schneider Sr.

    I am depressed about what took place even though it is part of natures scheme of things, one thing I do not understand is why Rachel did not shield the chicks while Steve fought the eagle off, they where left alone for the taking, the eagles would have eventually given up if they would have used this tactic, the first chick (BIG) was hatched on my birthday and I will miss watching them.. I agree with Nolasue1 there will have to be changes made for the future of successful Osprey nests at this location

  31. JudyB

    Living in Maine near the coast, I am aware that the factors that have helped the eagle population rebound have also helped osprey, and there are also many more osprey nests now than there were even a few years ago. I am happy that eagles and osprey (and most birds) have some protections in place, but don’t think Maine osprey in general need additional help and support at this point – though perhaps summer camp recordings could be played when there are less people around this particular nest. I do have a question, and apologize if it’s been answered several times already – the cook reported hearing what was likely an attack by one of the osprey on the eagle – was this during it’s first or second attack on the nest? I know eagles have a fairly strong instinct for self-preservation, so if it was during the first trip to the nest, it must have been a bit desperate to try again – and if it was during the second trip, perhaps it will discourage them from trying next year. Thanks.

  32. Paula Cammarato

    It was through tear full eyes to read about the babies let alone a video of their horrific death .
    I will not watch the video and I wish that explore would not have posted it .
    Some things are not for us the public to see .
    I have taken numerous photos of these prescious babies before all this happened .
    It is with a heavy heart to know that these two lives will never grow up and soar to the beautiful skie above .
    Always in my heart and never forgotten .

    • eventakenistaken

      I mourned for those baby birds as I had been journaling their lives with photos daily. Watching the video gave me closure.

      • LauraNJ

        I won’t watch it. See how different we all are and how we approach a situation like this?. Everyone needs to heal in their own way and in their own time. We all need to be respectful of that, especially those who can view what happened as “just nature” and quickly go on.

      • aww- me too i had been journaling them as well-so sad

    • Tom Magee

      Eagles have to eat. It is the circle of life. Sadly anthropomorphism in the media has caused people to believe animals have human qualities. That just isn’t the case. Think of the baby eagles.

    • Mike Barron

      Good grief. Of course they need to post the video. It’s part of the circle of life. You can choose not to watch it. Those of us interested in how nature works – even the cruel side of it – are interested in watching.

  33. winston

    This is my third year with Rachel and Steve and I just found out what happened. It’s very sad and thought it couldn’t happen to this dynamic duo but nature took it’s course and it’s done. Lucky that the parents were unharmed and perhaps they’ll return again next year. Wow!

  34. matt johnson

    Luckily the chicks were not banded, giving the Eagle and its family something hazardous to swallow.

  35. Marilù Trapani

    From Friday, I watch videos and all … but I can not find a good reason for what happened .. sorry ..

  36. Cindi Johnson

    Thank you for posting the video for us to watch and the thoughtful introduction. It is a sad thing to happen, but certainly not the first time. Nature does what it does, whether we are watching or not.

  37. Sylvia Kovessy

    I am utterly distressed over this,I just can’t get over it,can’t stop thinking about it,will the third egg hatch?

    • The third egg is not viable-i too am utterly distressed over this-i was an everyday watcher-in fact the live stream stayed up all day and night on my computer so i could always look in on them-i really feel exactly the same as your comment. thanks for sharing- happy thoughts to you

      • Sylvia Kovessy

        Thank you for letting me know about the egg,was hoping it was ok,can’t stop thinking about the babies

  38. Animals!

    I’m heartbroken I didint see this live I i did not know they were
    Gone till today I saw that they were gone so I looked on the blog to
    See what happend I feel sooooo bad for Rachel and Steve

  39. Animals!

    So I guess they are moving?

  40. joe jones

    Can you build some sort of wooden cover, so that eagles can not do a fly by attack next year, maybe branches or wooden beams.

    • jackoooo

      I suggested this but no one moves…..

      • Hi jackoooo. We understand the desire to keep the chicks and their parents safe, and know that this loss has been heartbreaking. But it is Audubon’s policy not to intervene with a nest unless there was an obvious human-caused problem. Whether to intervene or not depends on the circumstance, and doing so is never easy. It could even have an adverse effect and make a nest unsafe or undesirable for an osprey family.

    • Renee

      I was thinking about the same thing. The birds will except it and this could protect the future Ospreys. But, they do get strong winds like we do in Arizona. Aluminum would be great & lite to construct it from.

  41. Donna B

    I’m a four year Osprey lover and witness’s the birth of “Flow” in Essex Mass. My husband and I were hooked.It’s been beautiful high’s and painful lows. We watched poor Audrey in Chesapeake Conservancy sit on non viable eggs for a painfully long time and Dr .Spitzer(I believe) came up with foster chicks.What a joy to watch.Our nest in Essex…we lost our dear male..no babies this year.Then I added “Explore” to my watch list.I ..was….heartbroken….Friday when I checked in and saw mama and no babies, turned to the blog and cried. They are like our own.Thank you for the thoughtful write up. I too can’t get it out of my mind.Can’t watch the video but thanks for posting it for those who can watch.We will continue to watch nests,and babies and understand mother nature’s ups and downs.Just wish the downs weren’t sooo tough. thanks for all you do for all of us and THEM !

  42. Jer B

    I guess there’s 2 ways of looking at it….. how many fish gave their lives to feed the chicks…..and, I guess…..w.hat goes around, comes around. Will miss you growing up little chicks……..needless to say, I’m not telling my Wife what happened, as She is devastated as it is……..not our kind of bird watching…………..

  43. Tom Magee

    It is amusing when city people discover nature and are ‘shocked’ by it.

  44. Linda Kennedy

    I have always loved birds and have enjoyed watching them casually throughout my life. Over the past several years, my interest has increased and I am constantly learning new things. Several years ago, I was shocked to learn that birds eat other birds. One of the things I admire about the Osprey is that it would seem, from having watched this nest, their diet consists almost entirely of fish. Please correct me if I am wrong. No matter how you look at it, the loss of these chicks has had a profound affect on people all over the globe and demonstrates in no uncertain terms how difficult life is for all living things!

  45. Peter Jerdo

    This is definitely hard to watch. However, you always have to look back at the big picture. Osprey populations are generally doing great and so are Bald eagles. With a stronger population of opportunistic predators like the Bald eagle there will be more depredation.

  46. Christine Berglund Hayes

    Will Steve and Rachel use this nest again next year, knowing that an Eagle is nesting nearby? Can I assume the Eagle will remember this somewhat easy meal for its young Eaglet and will prey on this nest again next year? Does anyone have answers to these questions, or is it just wait and see?

  47. mangeclous

    Thank you for these pictures and all that information , though I would have preferred that the scenario is less sordid .
    Nature is sometimes very hard on herself.

  48. Vickie

    Hello Everyone!

    First time watching Opreys and submitting a message.

    Steve and Rachel got me hooked into watching Opreys.

    I saw when Rachels second egg hatched. I also saw in the moment sadly when the eagle stached the one chick left in the nest.. I was crushed..

    I contnued to watching Rachel and Steve to see how they are coming along after loosing their baby chicks.. I have been reading everyone’s comments and thru your comments I have learned much . Thank you.. I also appreciate the videos submitted during those times Rachel and Steve vist the nest so early in the morning. I am not up at that hr.. so thank you so much for keeping me updated with the videos.

    I have shared Rachels and Steve’s story with friends..

    One friend has shared alot with me on the Osprey nest she has in MT..

    here is her first message to me and more .My hope is you enjoy the messages
    Once again, thank you for keeping me updated about Rachel and Steve

    From NJ . not far from the wet lands where there is another Osprey nest

    in Stone Harbor.. I am only 20 mins to Stone Harbor NJ




    My friends frist message:
    This seems to be a bad year for watching osprey cams. I mentioned that one of our MT couples lost their eggs due to a hailstorm and it was too late to start again. After many years of watching them on this cam, they may not come back because of the building being built next to it. Here’s the cam:


    The second couple isn’t doing any better because I don’t think the one egg is viable and one of these days they will realize it’s not going to hatch. This nest if about 1 1/2 miles from me. Here’s their site:


    The female, Harriet, lost her mate (Ozzie) last year. Fortunately the little ones were just about ready to fledge so she was able to leave them to hunt and feed them (the river is less than a quarter mile from the nest).

    From what I can learn, her new mate (I think they call him Hal) is young and is learning what being a father is all about so next year they might do better.

    My friends second message with video:

    I had mentioned our local Osprey had one egg but it wasn’t viable. They finally quit sitting on it and in the heat it exploded. Someone got a video of it:


    The other nest in our area lost their eggs to a hail storm. Sure hope the two nests get a better start next year.

  49. Kathleen DangerInc

    Regarding the names of the foster chicks in Chesapeake bay: “a tribute to all the chicks that
    will not be making the trip South this fall.” I hadn’t thought of it
    like that, and it got me very teary-eyed. The Maine chicks meant a lot
    to me this year. I watched the video of the two Hog Island chicks get
    snatched off the nest by eagles, and was saddened but not surprised.
    Watching that nestcam last year, we were inspired to enroll in a program
    at that Audubon camp this spring. There was always a feud between the
    bald Eagles and the Osprey. There were multiple pairs of eagles, and
    osprey nesting along the shore, and on fishing boats. Sometimes during
    meals, we’d hear them battling in the skies over the water. There was
    even one day we were returning from an activity and witnessed two bald
    eagles that were actually knocked into the water, and trying to swim
    ashore with the osprey pair attacking them the whole way. The eagle made
    it to the shore, and started snapping at the osprey as they swooped
    down at it. I can only imagine that snatching the chicks off the osprey
    nest was an act of aggression as much as it was typical of bald eagles’
    bully behavior of stealing food rather than hunting. But I wouldn’t have
    been able to see that situation so reasonably had it not been for the
    eye-opening experiences I’ve had this year – all because of these osprey
    cams. But even for people who didn’t just jump into adventures in
    ornithology at the first taste of ospreycam, this season was a good
    “reality check” for everyone mistaking these nest cams for personal
    entertainment. It isn’t a zoo, or a public service. It’s a generous gift
    by your family, to observe your honored osprey guests, and I thank you
    for the privilege of learning more and more every season.

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    The views expressed are not those of this site, this station or its affiliated companies. By posting your comments you agree to accept our terms of use. KETV NewsWatch 7 offers readers the ability to comment on stories with the understanding that these comments may be reprinted elsewhere on the site or used on KETV NewsWatch 7 newscasts. We ask that you refrain from profanity, hate speech, comments that don t relate to the story and any personal remarks. THIS IS IMPORTANT: KETV NewsWatch 7 does not edit user submitted statements and we cannot promise that readers will not, at times, find offensive or inaccurate comments posted in this area. If you find a comment that is objectionable or offensive, click the flag that appears in the upper right corner when you hover over a comment. Flagged comments may be automatically hidden from comment threads. For comments to appear on the website and/or the mobile app, email addresses must be verified through Disqus. We ask the community to monitor this forum with the knowledge that KETV NewsWatch 7 does not regularly monitor these comments. [url=http://coach.outletonlinecc.com/]Coach Outlet Online[/url] Officials say the blaze near the small town of Roosevelt is no longer threatening any homes. The town evacuated when the fire started Tuesday, but people were allowed back in their homes Wednesday. p [url=http://o.storeonlinecc.com/]Oakley Sunglasses[/url]
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  65. I think tomorrow’s presser is going to be about the team, and if I’d announced it tonight then tomorrow’s presser wouldn’t be about the team. I’ve probably taken one day of media instead of a week of it, he said after the final. I’m hoping the next week is full of positive things. [url=http://www.coachoutletstoresinc.us.com/]coach outlet store[/url] In the autumn of its monthly magazine Inspire, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) argued that if combatants and non-combatants were mixed together and integrated, it was permissible for Muslims to attack, even if civilians are killed, but this should only be done with the intention of fighting the combatants. a [url=http://www.coachoutletsonlineus.com/]coach black friday[/url]
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    Commentary and photos submitted to the Missoulian (Missoulian.com) may be published or distributed in print, electronically or other forms. Opinions expressed in Missoulian.com’s comments reflect the opinions of the author, and are not necessarily the opinions of the Missoulian or its parent company. See the and for more information. [url=http://ok.factoryoutletcc.com/]Oakley Sunglasses[/url] With the North East weather being its usual unpredictable self and STAYING warm and dry a few hours of family fun concluded the day. The smell of Bangers and Burgers cooking reached far and wide, with dog walkers struggling to contain the charges on their leashes. The club is not only building on the playing side but also making its self a place for all the family to come along and enjoy the game of Rugby. k [url=http://mk.outletstore.us.com/]Michael Kors Handbags[/url]
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    v Guisborough鈥檚 Logan Smart (4-41) had his best day in the premier as he bowled 11.2 overs while Chris Nicholls (3-32) and Karl Turner (2-19 from ten overs) got through the reduced 39 overs impressively. [url=http://coachbags.onlineoutlet.us.com/]Coach Outlet Store Online[/url] “My mother is rather conservative and was afraid to take the risk of spending a large amount of cash on expensive machinery, so I had to invest my own money,” he added. “She thought the cost would not lead to higher profits, but it has.”
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