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Rachel and Steve keep vigil on the nest

Charlie’s Words on the Osprey Chicks

The Hog Island Osprey Nest and its viewers are saddened today as what appeared to be an eagle took both young osprey chicks from their nest in the afternoon hours Friday. Explore founder Charlie Annenberg reflects on a nest that feels so much emptier tonight.

“The beauty of our cams is that it allows us to connect with nature in its highest form of purity. That said, the dark side of this intimacy is accepting that the natural world is not the Disney film we all hope for. The lesson for all of us is to appreciate the fragile world we live in and how delicate the balance between life and death is a compliment to how the cameras have connected emotional bounds with the wonders of the world.

On the most personal note, it breaks my heart to see these events. I want the Disney story, but that is just not the natural order of the world. We will miss our little friends and today I even admire the courage of them more.”

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