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Osprey expert Dr. Paul Spitzer

Hatch Watch Chat with Osprey Expert Paul Spitzer!

The three eggs on Rachel and Steve’s Hog Island Osprey Nest are set to hatch soon, and we’ll have new chicks to watch grow and flourish! To celebrate the momentous occasion, renowned osprey expert Paul Spitzer will join us for a live chat today at 3pm ET / 12pm PT!

Dr. Spitzer is a conservation biologist who earned his doctorate at Cornell University. When Rachel Carson (after whom osprey Rachel is named) provided evidence of the harmful effects of the pesticide DDT on osprey and other bird populations, Spitzer advocated for its ban. And for the past 40 years he has participated in the triumphant osprey recovery.

Some great questions for Dr. Spitzer could be: What signs do we look for before the hatch? Can osprey chicks see when they first emerge? Do Rachel and Steve take turns feeding the little ones? What’s the best fish for chicks? What effects do pesticides have on eggs? The live chat from the Osprey Nest is sure to be an inspired one.

So join us today on the Osprey Nest and type your questions for Dr. Spitzer in the comments section below the player!

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