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Just a little relaxing, bunk bed style.

Top 5 Animal Wellness Adoption Photos

The little pups over at the Animal Wellness Adoption center are simply adorable. Take a look at the live cam to see who is available for adoption. These little dogs are looking for their forever homes! Animal Wellness Adoption Center

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Live Chat with Lynne Emerson and Her Dane Willow

Lynne Emerson is a former medical device consulting executive who found her life dramatically changed with the diagnoses and progression of Multiple Sclerosis, a deterioration of the nervous system. As Lynne’s mobility became more challenging and falls more persistent, her independence seemed to be slipping away at the age of 50. Enter Willow. Having been

Mickey 1_Fotor

Adopt Mickey!

Mickey is a fun-loving 1-year-old Basenji/Chihuahua Mix, found chained to the gate of an Animal Wellness Foundation volunteer’s home.  Rescued, he loves to play with his best friend Cosette.  He is the perfect size for either an apartment or a house, does not bark much and is friendly with everyone he meets. He is neutered,

Puppy Training is Live Every Morning at 8 AM Pacific

Watch the Puppy Arena Live Every Morning

Every morning at 8 AM PT/11 AM ET, enter the Service Dog Project Puppy Training Arena and go behind the scenes on what makes these Great Danes so great. 

Buddy wants to be your friend.

Be Buddy’s Best Buddy

Buddy is a miniature poodle up for adoption. Brought in by an Animal Wellness Foundation volunteer, he had been left in a back yard completely neglected. He was covered in ticks – more ticks than the Animal Wellness Foundation had ever seen! AWF have gotten to know him for several weeks now and he is

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