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Five Best Great Dane Photos of the Week

Thanks to YOU for these great snapshots from our multiple indoor and outdoor Service Dog Project Live Cams! The great dane pups and parents are particularly photogenic don’t you think? Check out the five best here: The Stedmans, from riverrock :0) Happy Dog, from Betsy (and reposted from Twan in Norway) A TBT pic of Scarlott & Laura, from Dumpsterkitty

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Patriotic Pets

Capture any cute pet pics this Independence weekend? Send them our way! Visit our Dog Bless You or Facebook page and share your pics with us. Follow the feeds for updates on live cams as well. Our newest live cam offers a rare insight into the life of the Snowy Owl and its 6

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From Sea to Shining Sea

This 4th of July, from the purple mountains to the fruited plains celebrate America the beautiful. Our newest Live Cams are helping preserve America’s amazing wilderness while bringing it directly into your home! Explore the Brown Bears of Alaska, who are descending upon Brooks River for salmon fishing season. Or head to Maine where baby Puffin Pal and Osprey chicks, Pia,

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The Winners Are In!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Dog Bless You Snapshot Contest, and congratulations to the winners! The entries were all great, but these were deemed prize-worthy: •Ziggy: ROAD TRIP! Gussie: Are we there yet? Hugo: I’m carsick Emmett: I don’t think we’re moving…        (From: MySmitty) •Excuse us, is it too late to upgrade

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Welcome to the Three New Cuties at WCC

These three cuties recently arrived at Warrior Canine Connection thanks to a partnership with Honor Therapy And Assistance Dogs. You can catch their antics on the Dog Bless You Puppy Cam. Stay tuned for more info about these sweet additions to the WCC family.

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