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ARiot. Photo by Mark Amirault

Presenting Your Service Dog Project Story!

What an adventure! We asked you to tell the tale of ARiot based on the photo above by passing the story line-by-line to your fellow commenters. It’s a little wacky but totally fun! Thank you so much for participating. Without further ado, here’s your Service Dog Project story:

Quail uses paws as a pillow.

Take the Afternoon to Nap with Puppies

Tired after lunch? Then rest alongside the pups of the Warrior Canine Connection Gratitude Litter. They’ve been hard at work in the Puppy Enrichment Center, where the Labrador Retrievers get love and training to develop into loyal service dog partners of combat veterans with disabilities.

ARiot. Photo by Mark Amirault

Play the Service Dog Project Storytelling Contest!

Looks like Ariot, Great Dane of the Service Dog Project, is up to something funny. Is she greeting a visitor? On lookout duty? Going on an adventure? Well that’s up to you! In this week’s contest you guys will work together to tell Ariot’s story, line by line, in the comments section below.

Photo by Melissa Boysen

Caption This Contest Winners for 1/6/15

Thank you for playing, everyone! We’ve been up to our ears in your hilarious entries for last week’s Caption This Contest, featuring pups from Warrior Canine Connection’s Gratitude Litter. Check out the winners!

Photo by Lily Wong

New names for the pups of the WCC Gratitude Litter!

The puppies of the Warrior Canine Connection Gratitude Litter are growing up and beginning their training to assist disabled veterans as service dogs. Now they all have new names! To honor the sacrifices of US soldiers, the puppies of WCC are traditionally named after those who served. Let’s have roll call!

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