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The Pups of Animal Wellness Center, Snapshot from RobNJ

Doggie Roll Call: Come Meet the Pups Today!

Come meet the adorable and adoptable rescue pups on our brand new Animal Wellness Live Cam, today (Friday, 8/29/14) at 3 PM Pacific Time. Dr. Annie of the Animal Wellness Center in California has worked with animals big, small and worldwide.

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Synchronized Milking

As Becky Turner‎ who snapped this pic put it – it’s rare to see the “orcas” all lined up and nursing in sync! 

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Top Dog, Snapshot from Deputy Dawg

Have You Seen the New Live Cam?

Full-grown they might not be able to keep UP with their SDP cousins, but we think the pups on the new Animal Wellness Adoption Live Cam are top dog. Have you met them yet? 

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Lydia Conquers the Moose

The Service Dog Project can’t anticipate all the hurdles a dog might encounter in a new town. Luckily their training prepares them for things big and small… and sometimes really big! Here’s a personal story from Annette, a new Service Dog Project mama:

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When Mom’s Away the Puppies Will…

Sleep? Well, that’s what they do! Zeke, Grommet, Zena and Gabby of Merlow’s litter are now a little over 2-weeks-old. Puppies sleep up to 20 hours a day, but it’s really more of a cat nap. 

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