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Sir Thomas, Renee Le Verrier and Lynne Emerson

Live Chat with Service Dog Recipients and their Danes

Service Dog Project Great Dane recipients and public speakers Lynne Emerson and Renee LeVerrier will join us (along with their Danes Willow and Sir Thomas!) for a live chat June 30th at 6pm ET / 3pm PT, right after Mail Call.

Viv was injured while digging.

The Perils of Digging Holes

Vivian is fine thanks to Mommy Nature planning for limber joints in just such puppy activities. This was not a fall, Viv was digging a hole with her brother Gronk when her rear end started to run before the front end was out of the  hole. The situation was complicated because her brother was fully

Leave it.

Achieving Boredom is Critical to Service Dog Training

These two dogs were told to “leave it”. The older dog on the right, Lilly, knows that those chicks are not her chew toys and so she’s bored with them. The younger pup on the left, Thumper, is learning self control under very close supervision. We value our chickens and would never allow a feather

Olive and her new Honor Litter

Welcome the Honor Litter 2.0 to Warrior Canine Connection!

Olive, the Yellow Lab from Warrior Canine Connection, gave birth today to six future service dog puppies! And in keeping in the spirit of her last litter with sire Rogue, this new batch of pups will be named the Honor Litter 2.0.

The Semper Fi Litter

Meet the Warrior Canine Connection “Semper Fi” Litter!

Warrior Canine Connection enlists recovering Veterans to train service dogs for their fellow wounded Warriors. A litter of seven Labrador Retrievers was born to mama Temple in April 2015 as part of a cooperative effort between Warrior Canine Connection (WCC) and Power Paws Assistance Dogs, an Arizona service dog organization.

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