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Carlene White - Founder - Great Dane Service Dog Project

Help Us Wish SDP’s Carlene White a Happy Birthday!

October 1 is Carlene White’s birthday! It was by complete accident that Carlene founded the Service Dog Project… or we should say, Carlene’s great dane founded SDP.

"Since I've had Dexter, I've been able to go out in public by myself more often without having all the anxiety," says Iraq War Veteran Rob Robinson.

Watch This Powerful Short Film About Freedom Service Dogs

“Bugs is my little battle buddy,” says Michael Cates, an Iraq War veteran suffering from PTSD. “She follows me around like my soldiers follow me into battle, and like I follow my superiors into battle.” This five-minute-long film gives a small glimpse into the mission of Freedom Service Dogs and shows the impact the canine companions

great dane service dogs

More Football, Less Basketball: Breeding Great Danes for Service

Carlene White of Service Dog Project breeds her Great Danes specifically for the job. She says she the goal is to produce Great Danes that are built more like football players than basketball players. The legs should be half the height of the dog. And while these are heavy dogs–160 pounds on the high end–they

service dog project lars

UPDATE: Lars Wanted Dead or Alive

The Stuffie Protection Service has confirmed that Lars has been missing since DogFest 2014, when he was last reported to be seen at the Service Dog Project compound. They have released a copy of this ‘ransom note’ the brothers are claiming they received from Lars’ cell phone! (Scroll to bottom for the latest photos and updates

great dane service dogs in training

“Wait” Training at SDP

Kati is keeping the great danes at the Service Dog Project busy. In this case, they are busy “waiting.”

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