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chcarlie and Lucky the dog in the snow

Lucky in the Snow Zen Den

Take a minute out of your day to be a kid again. Go with Charlie and Lucky, and play in the snow of Sun Valley, Idaho in this short Zen Den video.


Meet Mia (and Take Her Home!)

Mama Mia and her two puppies were rescued from under a house by Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws. Mia’s puppies have been adopted, but Mia still waits patiently for a loving home of her own… Could it be yours?!

How many pups will Olive have?

Congrats to Warrior Canine Connection: Puppies Due in November!

Let us be the first to congratulate Warrior Canine Connection and share the wonderful news with you: Olive is expecting puppies!  The Yellow Lab has a due date of November 28th, but the size of her litter remains a mystery. In fact, if you correctly guess how many puppies will be born to Olive you’ll

avalanche search dog

Watch “Avalanche Dogs: Ray Shriver”- A Short Film

Meet Ray Shriver and his avalanche search dog Kita. Ray wanted to have search and rescue dogs as part of his team so that he could always have their abilities at his disposal. The dogs are very important to search and rescue. They have a sense of smell that humans do not possess. The dogs

service dog project

Catch Up with the Latest SDP Live Chat in this Highlight (Video)

If you missed Lynne Emerson’s Live Chat for the Service Dog Project from this week (October 22nd), or just want to watch it again, we’ve got the full video below. Lynne Emerson is a former medical device consulting executive who found her life dramatically changed with the diagnoses and progression of Multiple Sclerosis, a deterioration

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