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American History preserved in bubble wrap

Detroit Celebrates the Future of the Auto Industry

Detroit is the past, present, and future of America. It’s where Henry Ford rose up to become the most influential American innovator of the 20th century, revolutionizing industry and transforming the country’s landscape. The city’s Henry Ford Museum celebrates his entrepreneurial spirit and the soul of other forward thinkers like Rosa Parks; the museum restored

Tundra - NPS photo.

Bones Don’t Lie: Evidence of a Bear’s Perseverance Through Trauma

On July 1, 2014, bear 130 Tundra was found dead near Brooks River. Since this bear was well known by rangers and the public, her skull was collected and cleaned so it could be used for educational and interpretive programs. As it turns out, Tundra’s skull reveals a biography of trauma she apparently suffered through


UFO Baby Seeks Answers to an American Mystery

The US Air Force’s case files on UFO sightings have fascinated extraterrestrial believers, skeptics, and truth-seekers alike. Named Project Blue Book, the investigations ran from 1952-1969. Now, over 130,000 pages of declassified UFO records have been released online under the Freedom of Information Act, reigniting the fires of curiosity and a consuming search for answers.

Quail uses paws as a pillow.

Take the Afternoon to Nap with Puppies

Tired after lunch? Then rest alongside the pups of the Warrior Canine Connection Gratitude Litter. They’ve been hard at work in the Puppy Enrichment Center, where the Labrador Retrievers get love and training to develop into loyal service dog partners of combat veterans with disabilities.

Photo by Jayne Ryan

Where’s Aurora Now?

It’s time to update you on what Aurora the polar bear has been doing these last few weeks! It’s been almost two months since her family made it to the sea ice and she’s made some interesting tracks already. For those that haven’t been following, Explore.org sponsors a polar bear on Polar Bears International’s Polar

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