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group of penguins

Top 5 Penguin Photos Of The Week

Our friends at Penguin Beach are having a blast this week doing their penguin thing: eating, lounging, some waddling for good measure. Our dedicated penguin cam viewers captured much of the action in snapshots and we’re bringing to you the Top 5 Photos of the Week!  There’s even an action shot of a penguin swimming

Couldn't be more majestic.

Bald Eagles of Brooks Falls

Brown Bears are undoubtedly the stars of the show on our Katmai Live Cams. But when we’re visited by other elusive and beautiful animals, like wolves, they deserve their own moment in the spotlight.

chris morgan brown bear expert

Live Chat with Chris Morgan on Polar Bears

World-renowned bear expert Chris Morgan joins Alysa McCall to chat about his experiences with polar bears on the tundra. Learn how this place and these bears differ from all the other bears he has studied on Friday, Oct. 31, 1 PM PT/3 PM CT/4 PM ET. What better way to spend a Halloween afternoon than with

camera operator volunteers

Volunteers Wanted – SCUBA Gear Not Required

Explore.org is adding more cameras in order to bring viewers new ocean habitats, so we’re reaching out to you to volunteer as a camera operator. Our camera operators follow many types of sea life, from coral reefs to barracuda, in multiple locations along the Eastern seaboard. You’ll observe, study and learn about rare underwater ocean

polar bear breaks ice

Polar Bear Breaks Ice Looking for Food

“Bears in general have a heightened level of curiosity, something critical to their survival,” explains Dr. Tom Smith, bear biologist at Brigham Young University in Utah. “Their continuous sampling of the environment exposes them to new food sources over time.”

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