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Pia's Crown of Feathers, Snapshot from JulSully

September is Here; The Ospreys Aren’t for Long

It’s September already and fall officially begins in 3 weeks. Send summer off in style with the Osprey and celebrate the forthcoming autumn with the Bear.

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Celebrating Labor Day & America

Did you know that Labor Day was first introduce in the New York legislature in 1887, but first became official state law in Oregon the same year? This national holiday has been recognized from sea to shining sea across America for well over a century.

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Chillin’ Like a Panda

While Labor Day is known for recognizing the contributions and achievements of American workers, it’s often celebrated with a little relaxation. And who knows R & R better than our friends, the Giant Pandas? Let’s have some fun with a caption contest! Post best captions for this photo in the comments below and we’ll share our favorites

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Pink Sunset on the Santa Monica Live Cam, Snapshot from riverrock :0)

Catch a California Sunset

On the Santa Monica Sunset Live Cam, you can catch the pink hues of sunset and the early morning surf off the famous Santa Monica Pier. 

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Nile Monitor Lizard, Snapshot from Nance

Living Dinosaurs

The Nile monitor lizards in Africa are descendants of the dinosaurs Mosasaurs, the giant, aquatic lizard from the Cretaceous period (seen below). The Nile monitors possess an unparalleled reputation for fierceness and seldom back down from a challenge—not even from crocodiles. 

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