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Buddy wants to be your friend.

Be Buddy’s Best Buddy

Buddy is a miniature poodle up for adoption. Brought in by an Animal Wellness Foundation volunteer, he had been left in a back yard completely neglected. He was covered in ticks – more ticks than the Animal Wellness Foundation had ever seen! AWF have gotten to know him for several weeks now and he is

Bring these two home, they'll hug just like this.

Adopt this Pair of Pussycats

Sasha (tortoiseshell) and Philippe (orange/red tabby) are sweet kittens who were found in a yard with their siblings, Red and Dandelion. They’re currently living in a foster home and are looking forward to finding their forever homes. Sasha and Philippe love romping about, chasing and wrestling with each other, and playing with crinkle balls, toy

panda outfits for reintroduction

Inside the CCRCGP Reintroduction Program

Researchers at CCRCGP’s Hetaoping (Wolong) base wear panda costumes to help cubs adapt to living in the wild. Two pandas have been released under this program (one in 2012 and one last year) and at least two more giant pandas are going to be released into the wild later this year.While mothers in the program

polar bear rolling on ground

Caption This Contest (New for 10/20/14)

Go on, get excited. It’s any moment now that our first testing of the Polar Bear Cams 2014 will go LIVE. We’re rolling around in excited anticipation! Help us fuel the polar bear fire and Caption This image from Kt Miller at Polar Bears International.


Feral Cats and Kitten Rescue

Although the exact numbers are unknown, there is a a massive population of feral cats living in Los Angeles. These are cats who live on the streets and never learned to socialize with humans. There are a number of them who live at Kitten Rescue. Sometimes, the feral cats will warm up to their caretakers

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