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Update on Divot the Bear

From the Bear Cam Rangers in Katmai National Park: Earlier today, many of you saw the sow with a single cub at the Lower River. That is believed to have been Divot, 854, now with only one cub. That alone would be news, but it also appears that she has been caught in a wolf

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Bear Art

Our viewers are the best and most creative – at least we think so – and now there’s proof! Check out these awesome creative takes on the Live Bear Cam. Thanks to MChez (Tundra in Memoriam), Rosalinde (children’s stories bear sketch) and Dicky Neely (water color Katmai) for these masterpieces! You can see the full gallery here - and

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We Have Lift Off!

Early this morning, Osprey chicks Poole and Pan gave their family something to look up to! CapOp Joellen caught it all with her eye in the sky – Between 3:57am PT and 4:07:30am PT, we had some vigorous flapping and lift off out of Poole and Pan. Looks like Pan got most of the action

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Possible “Adoption” of Orphaned “Cubadult”

From Ranger Roy on the Bear Cam: While we are cautious by nature, a few of us believe you may have captured a shot of Holly, her spring cub, and 402′s “cubadult”. Keep in mind, that adoptions are extremely rare, and this may simply be that Holly is tolerant, not fully accepting of the older

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Three Bears, No Goldilocks

Polar bear Ilka and her twin cubs take a cool swim in the Scandinavian Wildlife Park, Denmark last week. Ilka is also mother to famed bear, Siku, and the summer has the family practicing their swim moves on the Live Cam. Did You Know? “Underneath their fur, polar bears have black skin which absorbs the

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