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Porter is part Golden, part Poodle, all nose.

Who Nose?! These snouts are seriously silly

It’s the Woofminsters, celebrating all the funny-looking canine faces not only a mother could love. This week’s theme is “Who Nose?!” and the snouty snapshots you sent in are hilarious. Here are the winners!

Avalanche Dog on a search and rescue drill

Avalanche Dogs are the Ultimate Hope of Rescue

Tragically this week, avalanches have killed scores of people in mountainous northeastern Afghanistan over a three-day period. At least 168 people have died. Many more are missing, and dozens of houses have been destroyed by the massive rushes of snow. In remote areas of the Panjshir province, rescue is difficult and residents have been trying

Explore.org and the #bearcam featured in Times Square

Throwback Thursday to Times Square!

This Thursday we’re throwin’ back to August 2013 to that time explore.org‘s Brown Bear, Panda, and Ocean Cams were featured in Times Square. Isn’t it exhilarating to see our favorite bear friends standing dozens of feet tall over the Crossroads of the World?! How are you gonna keep them in Katmai National Park once they’ve


Woofminsters Celebrate Dogs’ Perfect Imperfections

Are your dogs slobbery? Do they have snaggle-teeth, crazy hairdos, big floppy ears, and tails that wag uncontrollably? Perfect! Your canine pals don’t have to be good-looking to win big at the Woofminsters! 

Rosie on Bella's Nest

Facing starvation, hummingbird chicks are moved for rehabilitation

There’s been quite a bit of drama at Bella Hummingbird’s Nest recently; a hummingbird “intruder” nicknamed Rosie has been aggressively harassing the chicks and mom. In the past few days she has even built her own nest mere feet from Bella’s. But the tension has taken a more serious turn as Rosie may have interfered

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