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Five Best Great Dane Photos of the Week

Thanks to YOU for these great snapshots from our multiple indoor and outdoor Service Dog Project Live Cams! The great dane pups and parents are particularly photogenic don’t you think? Check out the five best here: The Stedmans, from riverrock :0) Happy Dog, from Betsy (and reposted from Twan in Norway) A TBT pic of Scarlott & Laura, from Dumpsterkitty

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Those Teenaged Years Can Be Hard

While Puffins often steal the show on the Project Puffin Live Cams, the Terns and Black Guillemots have their day as well. Here, a juvenile Tern hangs out on the Puffin Loafing Ledge. “As the [Tern] chicks grow, they get more and more feathers and start to look like their parents. It takes about four weeks for them

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Catch Some Zzzbras

Have you caught up on your weekend rest? Are you ready for Safari?! On the African Watering Hole Live Cam you can catch all manner of African wildlife. Did You Know? Zebras stripes are not all the same. In fact, some scientists think their patterns help them to identify each other. Other theories on how

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Panda Spotlight | Yun Zi

Yun Zi (simplified Chinese: 云子; traditional Chinese: 雲子), whose name means “Son of Cloud,” was born at the San Diego  Zoo on August 5, 2009.  He is the fifth cub born to mom Bai Yun and the fourth to father Gao Gao. Yun Zi has one half-sister, Hua Mei, through Bai Yun. He also has two full brothers,Mei Sheng and Xiao

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Having a Relaxing Weekend?

Hot weather? Rainy day? Just too pooped to go fishing right now? Join us on the Live Bear Cam here! Cam Watching Tip: You can get updates from the rangers and background information on the bear adventures this season here. Did You Know? We’re collecting your best snapshots from all the live cams! When you

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