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giant panda bear cub

What do Giant Pandas eat?

As we’ve all stuffed ourselves today, it got us thinking… What do Giant Pandas eat, anyway? Giant Pandas are classified as carnivores; however their diet is closer to that of herbivores, since their diet consists almost entirely of bamboo stalks, shoots and roots. They eat from 25 to 40 pounds per day. There are about 25

maya's puppy litter

It’s a Thanksgiving Puppy Smörgåsbord

OK not for eating! But our not one, not two… not three! BUT four Thanksgiving Day puppy litters will give us all something to coo about this week. 

bald eagle

Thanksgiving Feasts for American Beasts

On Thanksgiving, families across the U.S. will sit down for holiday staples like turkey and stuff, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. In the forests and deserts, though, native wildlife populations will be hunting and gathering far different meals. Check out feasts for bears, deer, wolves and other All-American creatures.

panda toddlers eating bamboo

Happy Thanksgiving! Pics of Panda Toddlers Devouring Pounds of Bamboo

When it comes to eating bamboo, this is how it’s done. Panda toddlers Xing An and Gong Gong got some big bamboo shoots to eat. They loved every bite of them too! Check out the pics from Panda Cam #3 captured by Cam Op Lee.

Heidelberg Project

Photos from the Detroit Renaissance – Volume 1

This Thanksgiving, think about the promise of the American Dream, an opportunity for prosperity and success earned through hard work. Detroit was once the fastest growing cities in the United States with a robust economy built in part by the auto industry and those who worked within it. Now Detroit is shrinking rapidly, a third

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