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Bears and bear watchers at Brooks Falls (NPS/M. Fitz)

Bear School’s in Session

The National Park Service requires all visitors to Brooks Camp to attend a 20 minute bear orientation. In “Bear School” you’ll learn tips to protect yourselves and the bears. Big one: don’t eat outside. Bears may learn to approach humans for their food, leading them into conflicts with people. EXPLORE the Complete – Brown Bear

Dr. Steve Kress joins us for a chat

Steve Kress Chats Live from Seal Island!

The Puffin Burrow parents Finn and Phoebe are expecting a fluffy chick any day now. To celebrate the family of  seabirds, Project Puffin Director Dr. Stephen Kress joins us for a live chat tomorrow, July 2nd at 12pm PT from the remote Seal Island! Finn and Phoebe have protected their egg since it was laid

A Bear fishes at Brooks Falls

Katmai Rangers Give A Salmon-Eye View of Brown Bear Fishing

Brown Bear Season has begun in Alaska’s Katmai National Park! Hundreds of bears are fishing for sockeye salmon up and down the Brooks River after a winter spent hibernating in an annual ritual that’s naturally astonishing. Whether this is your first season watching the Bear Cams, or you just need a refresher, let Katmai Rangers

This is how you check a Puffin Burrow.

How to count eggs while terns dive-bomb your head

How do you conduct a bird census on Seal Island, home of the Puffin Cams? Seal Island Supervisor Keenan Yakola schools us on counting.

Brown Bear fishes for salmon

Katmai Rangers Welcome You to Brown Bear Season!

The Brown Bears of Alaska are back live on explore! To celebrate the occasion, Rangers Roy Wood and Mike Fitz of Katmai National Park want to welcome you to a whole new Bear Cam season with a live chat this Tuesday, June 30th at 12pm PT / 3pm ET.

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