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China Delays Sending Pandas to Malaysia

According to recent reports, China has delayed the delivery of two Giant Pandas, Fu Wa and Feng Yi, out of respect for the families of missing Flight 370. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared March 8 and had 239 people on board, 153 of whom are Chinese. The pandas were originally slated to arrive in Malaysia

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What’s Your Favorite Puppy Color?

Meet Warrior Canine Connection‘s Mr. Blue! Six beautiful pups were born to Rhoda on March 20th. The puppies will be placed with new owners around 1.5-2.5 years old after extensive training to be service dogs. Come and meet Blue’s siblings; Pink, Green, Purple, Black and Red here! Like the Dog Bless You Facebook page for more

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Dogs Can Do Math?!

Discovery News reported, “Dogs understand arithmetic, according to Stanley Coren of the University of British Colombia’s Department of Psychology. Studies show, for example, that dogs notice errors in simple computations, such as 1+1=3. The average dog, Coren said, can learn 165 words.” Our dogs at Patriot Paws might know a thing or two about commands. Watch

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No Tippi Hedren here, just colonies of amazing terns – who make the longest migratory journey of all birds. The return of warm weather brings hundreds of birds to the sanctuary in Seal Island, Maine. Our Ospreys and Great Horned Owls have recently returned for the mating season, and soon the Puffin Project and Arctic

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Takin Born at LA Zoo

From our friends at Zooborns: The Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardenshas announced the birth of a healthy Takin! She was born on February 12 and can now be seen on exhibit. Related to sheep, Takin are a goat-antelope found in the eastern Himalayas. There are four different subspecies: the Sichuan or Tibetan Takin, the Mishmi

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