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Mpala Live Chat: Zebras Not Always Black & White

Zebra expert Dr. Dan Rubenstein recently joined us for a spirited live chat, answering viewers’ questions and covering topics like the Grevy’s Zebra diet, migratory behavior, mating habits and even their history in the ancient Roman Circus. Knowledge of these animals is growing and always evolving; Dan keeps us on the cutting edge of research

Lucy Rose 1_Fotor

Adopt Lucy Rose!

Lucy Rose is 7 years old and is the happiest little Yorkie around. She is definitely a lap dog and wants to follow people around all day. She is good with dogs and cats and would love to have someone to love her. She is spayed, up to date with shots, good with kids, good

polar bear lying in snow

Catch all the Polar Bear Live Events – 2014 Calendar

Polar Bears International and explore.org have partnered to bring you another riveting season of live events highlighting the annual polar bear migration through Churchill, Manitoba. World-renowned experts, and a few friends, will join us live to explore the frozen world of the Arctic Tundra where the polar bears gather to begin a season of hunting.

polar bear and dead seal

The Bear Necessities

What are the polar bear basics everyone should know? Well it’s hard to pick just a few, but we will try…

rainbow over churchill

Welcome to Churchill. Where the Heck Am I?

If you’re already an avid follower of our Polar Bear, Beluga Sky (Northern Lights) or Underwater Beluga Whale Cams, then you’ve heard the name Churchill over and over again. But where exactly is it and what makes it such a hot spot for these amazing and threatened creatures?

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