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otis the brown bear

“O” is for Otis

Oh, you know him oh so well, but maybe there’s a fact or two about our big, brown bear Otis you haven’t heard before. Check out these fast facts and Bear ID Guide compiled by our Brown Bear Cam Ops below:

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nurse shark

Why Are Some Sharks Always Swimming?

Some of the species in the Shark Lagoon, like the blacktip reef and sandbar, always swim. They have to move in order to get oxygen into their bodies through their gills. Other species in the Lagoon are ram ventilators–they can receive oxygen without moving. Examples of ram ventilators are zebra sharks, stingrays and freshwater sawfish.

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Greening the Polar Bear Cam

BJ Kirschhoffer, Director of Field Operations at Polar Bears International, is traveling to Churchill in preparation for polar bear season. On his to-do list is making sure that the Polar Bear Cam at Cape Churchill is running smoothly.

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hippo roar in water

Live Chat with Ecology Expert on Africa Wildlife Cams

Join us today - Friday, September 19th – at 2 PM Pacific/5 PM Eastern for an Expert Live Chat with UC Santa Barbara Asst. Professor, Dr. Douglas McCauley and Francis Joyce on the African Wildlife Cams.

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Holly Fishing

Supermom Holly Makes Good Morning America!

Holly’s star continues to rise. The Brown Bear who adopted an abandoned yearling earlier this month made her national television debut in a story from our good friends at ABC and Good Morning America. Ranger Mark Fitz also made an appearance. More ABC news videos | Latest world news You can read the full story here. And you can also

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