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Check Out The Winners of Today’s Snapshot Contest

We’ve selected some of the best snapshots taken by our explore.org community. Share your snapshots in the comments of your favorite live cams or on social media for a chance to have your snapshot featured! (tag @exploreorg for Instagram and Twitter; @explore.org on Facebook)

Otis waits for salmon / pic by Ranger Jeanne Roy

Bear Cam Contest: When Will We See Otis?

Patience is a virtue, and Bearcam fan favorite Otis knows that better than anyone – he’ll sit in the Brooks Falls Jacuzzi for hours on end until he’s full of fish. Now, you’ll need his patience as we wait for him to show up in the river.

Bear #83 on June 19, 2015

How will Bear #83 survive his wounds?

By “The Artist Formerly Known as Ranger Mike” Fitz Since the bearcam has gone live, bear #83 has spent significant time fishing at Brooks Falls. This year he has a sizable wound on his left shoulder. Will this injury hinder his success at Brooks Falls or his overall survival?


Today’s Snapshot Contest Winners!

Take a look at today’s best snapshots across our live cams. We’ll be choosing snapshots every weekday and awarding prizes to the lucky winners! Share your snapshots in the comments of your favorite live cam communities or on social media (tag @exploreorg for Instagram and Twitter; @explore.org on Facebook). Good luck!

Rachel feeds her three chicks

Vote on Your Favorite Osprey Chick Names

We received over 400 sets of name suggestions for Rachel and Steve’s chicks, all of them thoughtful and creative. It was tough to narrow down the selection, but we’ve decided on five final potential sets: 1. Mack, Flo, and Hal – Mack for Mackerel, Flo for Flounder and Hal for Halibut (for their contributions to

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