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Who’s That?!

The Puffin Cam is LIVE and back in action! More than 500 pairs of Puffins will gather this season on the rocky cliffs of Seal Island. Scientists are unsure of how puffins find their way home and are still learning how birds migrate. But one thing’s for sure, they have returned!

Puffins mostly eat small fish. Herring and hake are favorite foods for Atlantic Puffins in Maine and you can see them carry multiple fish in their colorful beaks. The size and color of puffin beaks may serve as badges of experience and help birds assess the ‘quality’ of potential mates.

Join us on Seal Island, where you will see Puffins, razorbills and murres, and we’ll await the mating season on the Burrow cam.

Thanks to explore.org fan, jopaws, for the snapshot through the fog! Share all of your snapshots from the Live Cam at explore.org!