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Warrior Canine Connection Welcomes New Litter of Southeastern Guide Dogs to its Healing Quarters

We are excited to announce that Shoshi, of Southeastern Guide Dogs, brought her litter, sired by SEGD Murphy, into the world at the WCC Healing Quarters in Boyds on the evening of Sunday, June 10. She delivered two female and three male pups in record time. Mom and all five puppies are all doing great.

WCC is whelping Shoshi’s litter as a favor to SEGD; due to current construction at its headquarters in Florida, the temporary move to WCC was made to ensure Shoshi and the litter had ample space and comfortable accommodations.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have them here,” said Molly Morelli, director of dog programs, WCC. “It’s a wonderful way to collaborate with another service dog organization and to be able to work together to further each other’s mission.”

Southeastern Guide Dogs has been an amazing partner to WCC; they have often sent dogs to WCC who aren’t ideal guide dog candidates and may be a better fit as service dogs.

Shoshi and pups will remain the WCC Healing Quarters in Boyds for the next eight weeks.

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