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Warrior Canine Connection Puppy Progression

Puppy Progression: A weekly breakdown of their development
By WCC’s Beth Bourgeois

Many of you have been watching Jessi’s Courage Litter eat, sleep and grow right before your very eyes. Each week, these pint-sized pups make new strides in their growth and development.

Because the details aren’t always visible through the video feed, here’s a quick breakdown of where these eight service-dogs-to-be are in their growth and development.

Weeks 0-2: Sleep, eat, repeat.
Referred to as the neonatal stage, their world revolves around their mother, their littermates, sleeping and eating. Their eyes and ears are closed.

Weeks 2-3: Transition time.
During this timeframe, they will start to open their eyes and ears. They will begin responding to sounds, light and movement around them. Puppy teeth will start to come in. Mobility will increase — although still crawling, they will try to stand up.

Weeks 3-12: Socialization stage.
This is what animal experts call the socialization stage and when Warrior Canine Connection’s official Puppy Petting Program begins. Through exposure to other people and their siblings, these eight pups will learn social development that will play a key role in how they interact with others.

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