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brown bear sitting on a rock

"Hmmm I think I'll take a seat." Photo capture by member bearlover7.

Top 5 Brown Bear Photos Of The Week

Over in Katmai National Park we are capturing so many amazing photos of the brown bears! Take a look on the live cam to see if you are able to catch some gorgeous photos yourself. Here are five of the best photos of the week. Boy was it hard to narrow it down!

Brown Bear Live Camera

brown bear standing on a rock

Finding the perfect balance. Photo captured by member larinor.

A brown bear wading through the water.

“I think I found my contact lens! Wait, no, it’s a frog.” Photo captured by member Cincygirl.

Large bear searching through the grass.

A bird waits patiently for scraps. Photo captured by member Larinor.

brown bear yawning

Standing on a rock really takes it out of a bear. Photo captured by member Cincygirl.

EXPLORE the Complete – Brown Bear Live Camera Experience

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