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This Week on Explore (8/30)

The Amazon in Brazil hosts a vital ecosystem that needs our protection. For every donation to our Amazon Watch fundraiser, we will match each dollar, and donate an extra dollar to Earth Alliance’s Amazon Fund. Help protect the wildlife, rainforests, and the indigenous people during a time when they need us most. Protect the rainforests now, every dollar matters! 


In this week’s Bears of Brooks Falls, meet one of the largest bears 747:

This week we ended our Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary matching fundraiser and raised $7,388! Because of your generosity, we will also be donating an extra $7,388 to help OFSDS continue to provide loving and safe homes for senior dogs!

Isn’t it just great when dinner just lands in your mouth? Check out more incredible moments at explore.org/bears!

Fish Jumps Into 812s Mouth - Bear cam

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