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Snapshot by CamOp Kat

This Week on Explore (5/4)

It has been a very eventful week here at explore.org!

To start, Charlotte and Charlie of the Charlo Osprey Cam have laid their first egg!

Osprey_Charlo First Egg_Riverwatch_5.4.18

Snapshot by Riverwatch

We have welcomed three new live cams to our library! Owl Research Institute spotted a new Great Gray Owl nest and promptly helped us set up a new cam. We already have one owlet letting us get quick sneak peaks of it!

GGO First Chick

Our second live cam is our Red-Tailed Hawk cam which has since been taken over by Canada Geese! We see at least four eggs on the nest but geese are notorious for hiding their eggs so there may be more we are not able to see!


Snapshot by Brenda05

We’ve added another puppy cam in partnership with Warrior Canine Connection! Come watch the Puppy Playroom Cam!

WCC_Playroom_CamOp Pan_5.1.18

Snapshot by CamOp Pan

Speaking of puppies…Bergin has welcomed their newest litter of future service dogs! Please welcome the Y litter, born on Wednesday, 4/25! Mom is Tera, a Golden Retriever that was born and raised at BUCS and dad is Timmy, a black lab from our sister organization Paws for Purple Hearts. There are 4 females and 2 males!

Bergin_Y Litter_CamOp Holly_5.2.18

Snapshot by CamOp Holly

Rachel has laid her third egg! Now we must patiently wait for all three eggs to hatch…

Osprey_HI Rachel third egg_Robincee_4.30.18_9.28am

Snapshot by Robincee

The Bison are back! We’ve missed these gentle giants looking to scratch their itches on our camera setups.


Snapshot by AuntieM

Unfortunately, we must be the bearer of bad news once again. While this week started out so joyful for the Anacapa Peregrine Falcons, one eyas was taken from the nest by a seagull. Two eyasses still remain, happy and healthy, and we hope this is the last we see of any type of attack on the nest.

Anacapa Peregrines Newly Hatched Chicks


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