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This Week on Explore (3/22)

The West End Eagles have welcomed THREE new eaglets to their nest! Thunder and Superman are doing a great job so far of providing lots of fresh food and protection.

Eagles_WE Third Hatch_Sabra TX_3.22.19

After tragedy struck earlier this year, the Sauces Eagles have successfully hatched their first eaglet!

Eagles_Sauces eaglet_TinyJulz<><_3.19.19

Fitz Facts is back and this time with…BELUGAS! Watch this week’s Fitz Facts video by Mike Fitz to learn more about the beluga population in Naknek River, Alaska:

Sometimes our cams can be really…WILD! This week, a pride of lions stopped by the Naledi Cat-EYE cam for a quick drink.

Lion and cub on Naledi Africam

This week, we welcomed two new cams to the explore.org family! Please welcome Alyssa’s Hummingbird cam which features April as she nests on two newly laid eggs!


We also welcomed the USC Wrigley Catalina Marine Reserve Underwater cam! Come SEA the incredible marine life off of Catalina Island!


Bergin has welcomed a brand new litter! Please welcome the “C Litter” which consists of 10 future service dogs! Mom, Valley, is doing very well!

Bergin_CamOp Holly_3.20.19

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