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This Week on Explore (3/2)

March Madness has begun! No, we aren’t talking about college basketball but rather the egg-cellent amount of eggs ready to hatch at any moment!

Decorah Eagles now has THREE eggs!


Snapshot by rokalaci

Sadly, the Hummingbird nest suffered some tragedies this week. Comet the chick passes away and Star has been removed and moved to a rehab center. As a first time mom, Luna did her absolute best to provide a warm and safe nest but unfortunately, nature can be difficult. Read more about it here.

star hummingbird

March is Women’s History Month! Join us all month long as we shine a spotlight on the amazing women we have met or worked with who are changing the world. This week, we honored Rita Marley and the Rita Marley Foundation, which is enriching communities¬†in Ghana and Jamaica.

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