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This Week on Explore (12/13)

This week, explore.org was honored at the Streamy’s Social Good Awards for best streaming NGO/Non-Profit. We are so grateful for this honor and thank you all for being part of this journey!


We just can’t get enough manatees! Welcome our Homosassa Springs cameras in Florida to the explore.org network, made possible by Save the Manatee Club.Learn more about the new manatee cam library from our founder Charlie Annenberg.

While the osprey are away, the owls will play! Come check out the Charlo Osprey cam to see what all the HOOT is about!
GHO on Charlo Flies Around Nest

As we near the end of 2019, we wanted to take a look back at the top moments of the year. Help us showcase these top moments! Take this survey to cast your vote now!

Tune in here every week for more weekly updates from explore.org!

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  • mosaic_world

    congrats explore on the Streamy award. well deserved <3

  • https://www.marblesystems.com Tile Maker

    The earth is a very intriguing place and we humans, with our limited capacity just learnt very little of it. Still millions of mysteries to explore.

  • https://theforkedspoon.com The Forked Spoon

    Love the owl! I hear them in my backyard often. Congrats on the Streamy award!

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