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Tanzanian Antelope

Tanzanian Antelope

But which one?

We’re thinking this is either -One of the “reedbuck species of the genus Redunca – lightly built, pale colored grassland dwellers with white underbellies and small horns.” OR “The gerenuk looks like a cross between a gazelle and an impala, but can distinguished from either by its extraordinarily long neck (as reflected in the Swahili name ‘swala twiga’, meaning ‘gazelle giraffe’) and unique custom of standing on its hind legs to eat. Within Tanzania, its range is restricted to Mkomazi and Tarangire.” What do you think?

There are various sets of antelope that roam Tanzania that might be generally categorized as; spiral horned antelope, large antelope, medium-sized antelope, and small antelope. (Read more here.)

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