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Pandas Around the Globe

Between panda reserves in China and zoos around the world, there are approximately 300 pandas living in captivity. In order to spread awareness and engage a larger audience around the plight of the Giant Panda, China has leased or loaned pandas to zoos in several countries, including Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Singapore,

How Do Zoos Help Pandas?

While zoos play many roles in helping the Giant Panda, including captive breeding and research, one of the greatest benefits zoos offer is increasing public awareness about the plight of the Giant Panda. Since it’s harder for the general public to access places like CCRCGP, zoos are a great interim location to get to know

The Endangered Giant Panda

Scientists estimate the population of Giant Pandas at about 1,600. Four zoos in the US currently have pandas: San Diego, Memphis, Atlanta and Washington D.C. Giant Pandas are also found in zoos in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Mexico, France, Spain, Austria and Australia. Zoos outside of China must lease the animals from the Chinese

An Interview with Krista Wright, Part One

/ Post by Erica Wills of Polar Bears International Katie and I first met Krista Wright during our first trip to Churchill for PBI’s second Teen Leadership Camp in 2008. Krista ended up being one of my two group leaders, and so I had the chance to get to know this wonderful woman even better.

Po, Zoo Atlanta’s Giant Panda Cub, Takes Steps To Independence

/ Post from Zoo Atlanta via Pandas International Po the giant panda cub is officially on his way to life as an independent bear. The weaning process for Po is underway. At 26 months old, Po is older than the average weaning age of 18 months typically observed in the wild.  The Animal Management Team

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